✓ 15. Finish all that has been created thus far in the Grey's Anatomy series.

I'll admit that I was not on the Grey's-train in undergrad. I only watched a few episodes of one season, and that was only because I didn't really feel like being alone for an hour each week while [literally] everyone I knew was glued to the tv watching McDreamy and McSteamy sizzle on the screen. 

Then, last Christmas, Santa brought me a Wii.

Shortly after canceling my DISH Network account and taking up Netflix [reduced tv bill by 5x each month?! #nobrainer], my apartment was broken into, my car was stolen, and my bright and shiny new Wii was gone. :( 
[read my recap of these events here & here. it was terrifying.]

Renter's Insurance came through, and by the end of February, I had a new Wii that looked just like my old one. 

Then, in July, I came across this link up that challenged me to make a list of 25 things I promised to do before my next birthday, i.e. while I'm 25 years old. Since I was most likely watching an episode of this  crack cocaine  tv show as I worked up my list, it's only natural that #15 would say:

15. Finish all that has been created thus far in the Grey's Anatomy series. [I'll probably finish this one before summer is over. Who am I kidding?]

Well, kiddos. It's finally happened. Yesterday, thanks to the fabulous services of Netflix.comHulu.com, I watched Season 9, Episode 8 in this  addictive  overly dramatic  so realistic   epic series. 

So maybe I'm well over half way to my birthday and maybe I've now checked 2(?) things off of my list.... [not even close to half way, just to clarify]

I do have big plans though. Here are my projected next few items off of the list:

2. Move to the beach!
3. Finish my Masters.
4. Fall in love. [Only if it's right, of course!]
5. Live on my own. [no roommates other than Ralph, that is]
7. Take a road trip to/through a state I've never been.
8. Begin The Dress Dare.

Check out my entire 25 in 25 list and then keep me honest! We've only got until the end of May, people. 

What will YOU do before your next birthday??

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  1. Hi there! I just found your blog through Siddathornton - I'm a new follower :) I'm obsessed with Gray's Anatomy. It's gotten a little too much for me to keep up with on a weekly basis though so I tend to just watch the season all at once when it comes out on DVD. xoxo! eliza