Random Saturday Ramblings... and a Thankful Moment

Someone, please, help me get back on the working out train. I've griped about it for days/weeks/months(/years?) but it's time to get serious again. Expressions like, "Someone busier than you is running right now" and "Think of where you'd be if you had started a month ago today" are really good at making a girl feel guilty for not logging enough treadmill time but haven't been super inspirational to produce any real actions/results. And my waistline bears witness to it all. Ugh. 

In other news, I had one of the sweetest chats ever last night. ♥ Someone out there is really making an impression on this tentative, timid heart o' mine so kudos to you! On the other hand, if you break it in this fragile state, you know there's no coming back from that, right? Right. K. No pressure. .... Good talk.

Work today until 4pm. Stop by! Come enjoy a tour!! Only 5 Saturdays remain to get a tour from a very special Tour Guide Barbie. ... ahem. That's me. Just to clarify. After that, you'll have to settle for visiting me on the beach and getting a tour of the condo instead. 



Happy Saturday, loves. A song for you. ♥
[yes, it's by One Direction] 
[no, I'm not ashamed] 
[yes, I swoon a little each time I hear it] 

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

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In all of the upcoming holiday/grad school/moving craziness, it makes sense to set aside a particular time each day to be very intentionally thankful for these gifts and blessings and opportunities in our lives. Getting bogged down is easy enough. Griping may just be a guilty pleasure of mine and perhaps rephrasing those "gripes" into a more thankful light is just the thing to bring joy and love and light to this potentially stressful, hairy time. Maybe this will nip it in the bud?

That's a long explanation to say keep your eyes open for at least 22 days of Giving Thanks up to Thanksgiving Day. :) 

22. Gripe: I am soooo sleepy! I wish I had more time to nap/sleep.
22. Giving Thanks: I am incredibly lucky to have so many friends and so much life in my days that there is so little time for sleep. I'd rather be sleepy and loved than lonely and wide awake.

21. Gripe: Having to keep living on a college budget 3 years out of college sucks. I wish I had more money!!
21. Giving Thanks: I am more than capable of paying my bills and living comfortably, and that is a luxury not given to everyone. No one in my house goes hungry or is cold at night. My income is a bigger blessing than I recognize most of the time. So thankful!

20. Gripe: Why is it so hard to look like a Victoria Secret model?! My thighs and belly and flabby arms are gross. Waaa.
20. Giving Thanks: I am healthy! All of my body parts work and work well. I am strong and able and young. What a great way to live, right? Such a lucky girl.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. Okay, new favorite song. :) No shame here, either, that it's One Direction!