My Muchness

A good friend from middle school / high school / college recently blogged using this reference and it just feels overwhelmingly fitting for me right now. 

I feel bogged down and exhausted with moving [finally done!] and school [TWO WEEKS] and work [actually a bit behind?! not sure how that happened]. I've lost my muchness. 

For example, right now, I could be working on my Statistics group project or the homework that is due tonight, or on my Marketing Plan, or on my Law Presentation, or dusting something here at the Museum, or planning out 6 months of Museum Home Facebook posts on HootSuite, and yet... here I sit. Sleepy. Unmotivated. Ready for a nap, a break, an ending. 

Christmas is my very favorite time of year [in the off chance I haven't made that perfectly clear] and I'm sad to feel so bogged down when the end is SO CLOSE. Some people experience a surge of energy, a motivation, a pre-achievement glow when it gets down to the wire. 
I'm more of a 
kind of girl. 

Finishing, I guess you could say, is NOT my strong suit. So watch out for moping, for moroseness, for a lack of "muchness" in the next two weeks.

Apologies in advance.

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  1. Ah! I feel exactly this same way when I'm bogged down but close to the end of something. no judging for the moping or morose from me!