My Blog is Broken :-/

Fun Fact: Thanksgiving Day is two weeks from today. 
Have you started drafting your letter to Santa yet? 

Not-so-Fun Fact: My blog is on the fritz!! It has suddenly decided to shift sidebars around willy nilly and I searched Blogger's help section only to find I needed to readjust the widths, which I've done. No help!! Is anyone else having this problem? Any techie people out there want to help me fix it? :)

Weird Fact: I heard on the radio this morning that porn made in California now has to have condom use/wearage on the set. Uhhhh... just now?!? That seems like a no-brainer. I mean, I'm sure you've noticed from my posts and personality that I'm always up on the latest and greatest in the porn community [not] but seriously?! 7th graders know the importance of protected sex. [I'll kindly call them] Professionals should know the same!! Uh, duh. /shudder

It's Thursday! It's this kind of day. 

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon
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In all of the upcoming holiday/grad school/moving craziness, it makes sense to set aside a particular time each day to be very intentionally thankful for these gifts and blessings and opportunities in our lives. Getting bogged down is easy enough. Griping may just be a guilty pleasure of mine and perhaps rephrasing those "gripes" into a more thankful light is just the thing to bring joy and love and light to this potentially stressful, hairy time. Maybe this will nip it in the bud?

That's a long explanation to say keep your eyes open for at least 22 days of Giving Thanks, right up to Thanksgiving Day. :) 

22. Gripe: I am soooo sleepy! I wish I had more time to nap/sleep.
22. Giving Thanks: I am incredibly lucky to have so many friends and so much life in my days that there is so little time for sleep. I'd rather be sleepy and loved than lonely and wide awake.

21. Gripe: Having to keep living on a college budget 3 years out of college sucks. I wish I had more money!!
21. Giving Thanks: I am more than capable of paying my bills and living comfortably, and that is a luxury not given to everyone. No one in my house goes hungry or is cold at night. My income is a bigger blessing than I recognize most of the time. So thankful!

20. Gripe: Why is it so hard to look like a Victoria Secret model?! My thighs and belly and flabby arms are gross. Waaa.
20. Giving Thanks: I am healthy! All of my body parts work and work well. I am strong and able and young. What a great way to live, right? Such a lucky girl.

19. Gripe: Cleaning out the litter box is disgusting. Car food and vet visits and other supplies are expensive! Ugh.
19. Giving Thanks: I happen to know the cutest, fiestiest, bestest cat on the planet, Ralph. I cannot believe it's our one year anniversary already!!

18. Gripe: Families are loud and noisy and often embarrassing.
18. Giving Thanks: My family may be a bit nutty but they're mine and I wouldn't have it any other way. I often feel like the most-loved girl on the planet thanks to them. 

17. Gripe: Some people just really rub me the wrong way. In fact, there are a couple of people who make me want to scream/cry/run away/etc just by looking at them. Go away.
17. Giving Thanks: Every experience with a person who tests our mettle is an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to live our principles, and a chance to be the bigger person. These experiences are actually gifts, if you think about it.
16. Gripe: I have zero time to read [for pleasure] these days. It's killing me!!
16. Giving Thanks: Time I could spend reading thrift store finds and dime novels is spent in graduate level classes that will allow me to have that much more free time in my future for reading all of those clever words.

15. Gripe: I worry about making a good impression on certain people at certain times. My candid humor, sarcastic wit, and lack of filter are all primary issues in these circumstances. I'm a hazard to myself!
15. Giving Thanks: Gosh, I'm funny. Sometimes, I'm down right hilarious, if not always appropriate. I have a ton of people around me who know me and like me and care about me and aren't going anywhere if I make a dumb/bad taste/maybe mean joke now and then. These are people I should worry most about impressing and they already are impressed. :)

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I returned the favor...and I can so relate to so many of your gripes! But it's so important to choose joy and thankfulness instead of complaining.

  2. I live in California as well! I was shocked when I found out they were just NOW making porn starts wear condoms. YUCK!