Friday's Letters :: Cara Box Swap

Dear Grad School, LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. Dear AT&T Customer Service Lady, Thank you for thinking my beach move is envy-worthy and getting excited to learn there is such a thing as a degree in philanthropy and feeling like you'll need to tell people about it and for wishing me all the luck in the world. :) Dear Overgram, Uhhhh. You are the coolest app EVER! Let's take my love of Instagram and allow me to (freely!) add cool text effects to them?! #YouWin Dear Christmas, Maybe we could have some snow for you this year? Just a thought... Dear Temporary Roommates, Thanks for putting up with my neurotic need to keep the counter tops uncluttered and the dishes undirtied. I appreciate you letting me stay and I hope I can give back a little! Dear Ralph, I miss you, buddy. :-/
Dear Katie, Thank you for my Cara Box!! I now admit that I opened my box and immediately wolfed down fruit snacks and ring pops... without taking any pictures. #oops I'll snap a few pics of the remains and add them to this post for the link up when I get home from work today. (don't judge me, please. I was in the process of moving and that box of childhood snacks was like a sign from the heavens!) (oh, and glitter crayons?! Yes. Yes. Yes. ♥) 

Happy Friday, My Plucky Piquettes!

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