Occasional references to blog buttons or sidebar ads or "new sponsors" or giveaways or link-ups are totally fine!

But am I the only one who feels like most of the blogs that I came across started off as great fun with lots of anecdotes and thoughts and music and life-happenings and inspiring words but are losing momentum?

I want to read your blog because I'm interested in youSomething about your life or your pictures or your philosophy or your style or your taste caught my eye and sucked me in. 

I honestly don't give a hoot about winning your giveaway because I don't even remember who you are!! When was the last time you shared something that is similar to your very first blog post? I got sucked in for a little while there, so I'm not pointing any fingers or claiming "holier than thou" status but I'm making an appeal to these awesome, fun, intelligent, inspiring bloggers out there to bring it back down to earth and help us all get real again.

If I want to win something, I'll buy a lottery ticket. Trolling blogs [to me anyway] is for entertainment or to stay connected or to learn to see something in a new way or to roll on the floor laughing at some hilarious and clever blogger's description of her day/date/etc. or to ponder someone's great and powerful thought process.

 Of course, I wouldn't challenge you to do something I'm not willing to do myself. 

My first 5 blog posts.... from like, YEARS ago.

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Hope I haven't offended anyone too badly.

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Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. I agree with you 100%. I'm just getting in to swapping buttons, because I just got my blog redesigned, but I never plan on sponsors, etc. To be honest, I get annoyed with all of those posts....I just want to hear from the writer!

    Thanks for showing me that not everyone is blog land is crazy. haha

  2. I LOVE this. I am fairly new to the blogging world, and was so excited to write about things I am passionate about. Then all of a sudden I was stuck on the design of my blog (which I know is important, but still) and felt totally defeated because I wasn't posting cute and frilly things that I thought would gain interest. So, my writer's block hit an all time high and I felt like a failure! My husband finally told me that I need to write what I want, and it should offend some people if it is honest and important. So yes, thank you, love it! :). Just trying to get there...

    But, I will still include my blog on here because, hey, I am trying to get a little (even if tiny) audience! Thank you!

    Tiffany at The Dwelling Tree

  3. I still write like I always do--and I always will, though I think a lot of my jokes or the things that make sense to me go right over the average blog readers head.
    I do choose to commercialize because my career goals are in the field of writing and I want to improve my writing while gaining an audience...but even though I have sponsors, I do all the writing on my blog. What's the point of having other people write on your blog?

  4. I agree. Reason why I am no longer hosting giveaways or having one myself. It's kinda... stupid!