22 Days of Giving Thanks

WHOA! It's November?! 
"Inconceivable!" she said in her best Vizzini-à-la-Princess Bride impersonation.

Halloween 2012 is now officially in our past. Wowzer. That being said, Happy November!

I have 5 weeks of grad school left after night class tonight. 

But that means I've got a busy few weeks ahead.

The next 5 weeks hold a lot of adventure.
  • We'll be finishing up the repainting of our apartment back to white for move-out on Nov. 30th.
  • I will need to finish sorting and packing everything I own, and get all "stored" items stowed away in the family garage.
  • A (1) Marketing Plan is due, a Nonprofit Law (2) project presentation and (3) Final, 2 more Statistics (4 & 5) homeworks due, a group project (6) presentation, and a (7) final. 
  • There are Christmas presents to be made and hidden from spying eyes. 
  • Our country will choose a President! .. which really means we can all go back to watching TV and listening to the radio in peace. Adios, angry political ads. Hello, Jingle Bells! 
  • Our organization's Annual Luncheon will be held Nov. 15th, a free tour day at the Museum on Dec. 7th, and Victorian Christmas decorating to boot!
  • Thanksgiving, of course! 
In all of this craziness, it makes sense to set aside a particular time each day to be very intentionally thankful for these gifts and blessings and opportunities in our lives. Getting bogged down is easy enough. Griping may just be a guilty pleasure of mine and perhaps rephrasing those "gripes" into a more thankful light is just the thing to bring joy and love and light to this potentially stressful, hairy time. Maybe this will nip it in the bud?

That's a long explanation to say keep your eyes open for at least 22 days of Giving Thanks, since Thanksgiving Day is now 22 days away. ;) 

22. Gripe: I am soooo sleepy! I wish I had more time to nap/sleep.
22. Giving Thanks: I am incredibly lucky to have so many friends and so much life in my days that there is so little time for sleep. I'd rather be sleepy and loved than lonely and wide awake.

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  1. thanks for following me!!! congrats on almost being fown with grad school! woo hoo!!

  2. Hmm...I agree with 22. I was just thinking earlier how tired I am from being busy all the time, but I would most definitely prefer to be worn out from things and people I love then be well rested and sitting alone. How grand that we had the same thought!