the sunday currently

 reading  The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman of The Golden Compass Series. I've been "reading" this third book in the trilogy for months, which really means it has sat unattended and unloved on my night stand while I get too little sleep from all the work and school and interning. 
 writing  this blog post! [clever, no?]
 listening   the leaked version of Taylor Swift's new album "Red"!! I may have already blogged about that today.... :)
 thinking  about graduating from this graduate program and what January has in store! meep!!
 smelling  my own stank from my workout, the first real workout in weeks. Ugh. Felt good to sweat it out though.
 wishing  I had been born a trust fund baby but one who had an excellent nanny that taught me to be a good person and be grateful and help others. 
 hoping  the plans in the works follow through!!!
 wearing  black leggings and a sweaty grey t-shirt. Shower soon, I swear.
 loving  the beautiful weather today! Since I'm off work tomorrow, I hope it's nice again then too!!
 wanting  to eat another entire bag of Doritos [like I have in the past 24 hours] but trying really hard not to.
 needing  repaint this apartment. Move out date = November 30th!
 feeling  excited! nervous. anticipation of a number of things. happy. :)
 clicking  through my GFC blogger friends to stop by and say hello which is what brought me to this link-up today!

what are you doing?

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Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. I love this post!

    I'm currently watching Burlesque on TV and am loving it haha. Knitting a bit, blogging a bit, and surfing around. Short attention span!

  2. LMAO... the fact that you said "stank"... I seriously LOVE you!

    A lot of your answers made me chuckle actually!

    Great post!

  3. i know this is gross, but i'm really bad about showering after my workouts [especially if there's nowhere i'm supposed to be anytime soon after]. oops! :)

    also, love your 'wishing.' ain't that tha truth...

  4. Ah. Doritos. Can never get enough!
    I'm so bad about showering after working out, too! Good for you for sweating it out. :) Such a good feeling!