September 2012 - A Send Off

Holy Cow! What a weekend!!

I am in total shock that it's actually October already! September refused to go without a fight, though. A jam-packed weekend full of such wonderful September-iness that I won't soon forget!

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I started my internship with Brooke's Place back in June as a Development Intern. All summer we worked to get Silent Auction Items, generate excitement for the big event, and secure attendees. Friday was the big day! My internship supervisor described me as her "right-hand man," and informed me that she told the volunteers to find me first. If I didn't know the answer to their questions, then we sought her out. How cool is that?! The event was fantastic! They had record attendance and earned funds for a great cause and every person left with a big smile on his or her face. Such a great event to be a part of. :)

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After work, it was down to Columbus for Monica's "All Things Fall" celebration! Pumpkin carving and campfire and fall punch. Such a great time! Oh, and of course we watched New Girl to round off the night. The guys loved it, I assure you. 

I also made Cookies n' Cream Popcorn for the shindig! O.M.G. It is yummy!! I played with the recipe a little because I couldn't find vanilla almond bark but I documented every step of the way. I hope to post those pictures and my take on the recipe sometime soon. Remember when I said I wouldn't be posting recipes?! #oops.... 

ps. Our Owl Pumpkin totally won the contest. Just sayin... :)

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I was finally reunited with Chelsey! Though her birthday was Tuesday, we went out for a celebratory dinner on Sunday evening with her madre at Matt the Miller's Tavern. Google Maps confused me for a second since this location just opened so the directions tried to send me to Ohio! Oops! All in all, the beer on tap was great and the food was scrumptious!!

Chelsey enjoyed birthday Calamari, which the waitress caught me Instagramming... but it was so pretty! And deelicious. :)

After dinner, of course, we had a photoshoot by the fountain right outside. These were my faves. 

Gotta love the birthday girl! ♥

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So now it's Monday. I worked my second-to-last day at Brooke's Place and am currently skipping Law class to do homework for my other classes. Most importantly, I needed to take this moment to de-stress and blog it out. Lots going on in Sarahland these days. :)

Seeing as it's October, we've got two months to repaint this place and pack our junk up and get outta here. That means I also only have 2 1/2 months of school left! Holler!!

Hope you had great weekends, loves! Best of luck for the coming week. Remember to take time out for yourself [and promise me you won't feel bad about it!]. We all need a little QT with the couch and the cat and the latest Grey's episode every once in a while.

Ciao bellas!


ps. Linking up with The Weekend Update.

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