My Womanifesto

My Womanifesto: by Sarah

i am a woman

i am sugar and spice but not everything nice
i will NOT be as sweet to you as I'd like to be [too much sass for that sadly]

i will sing at the top of my lungs and car dance like crazy at stoplights
because life is too short to be boring, even at stoplights
i will cry when i feel like it
because i believe there is a reason for everything, even tears especially tears
i will be brave enough to never feel bad for standing up for myself... someday

my right is to consume so much coffee each day that my body composition changes from 60% water to 45% coffee bean extract, 15% french vanilla creamer
my right is to instantly become 7-years-old again and giggle uncontrollably around other 7-year-olds
my right is to play aggressively and love tenderly
my right is to always know i can be better tomorrow than i am today [even at just one thing]
my right is to have friends i can count on and who count on me, that i care about and who care about me, who have become like family to me and i to them
my right is to always carry a book with me and be left alone to enjoy it when i choose to bury myself in its pages 
my right is to wish i could always have my way
my right is to travel anywhere in this world i want to
[&] my right is to know I've always got a home to come back to [and that i probably won't be gone for very long]
my right is to really, really feel cheap radio songs [Taylor Swift indeed]
my right is to get excited over even the smallest things... because anything that brings joy can't really be that small, right?
my right is to have an endless supply of inspirational/applicable quotes for all occasions and to share them with you all the time  sometimes  when it's appropriate  all the time
my right is to not know what i want... ever
my right is to be leery of making promises i don't feel confident i will be able to keep [yet?]
my right is to be feminine and soft and gentle when i can be
my right is to be smart. period.
my right is to care about the things i care about and not have to care about the things i don't care about [though the particulars of the "cared about things" are ever-changing]

i'm going to someday figure out how ALL of these pieces of me weave together into one long, beautiful ribbon that a much-more-agile-girl-than-i could spin and dip and weave into glorious expression of my whole being

no longer will i reject my dark
i will recognize it as the necessary balancing mechanism to ALL of my light

no longer will i live anything but the beautiful life
no longer will i be afraid, unless it is bound to result in immediate death/destruction
no longer will i try so hard just for the sake of trying hard
no longer will i value food based on its calorie content but instead for its nutritional value and delectable flavors
no longer will my inadequacies overshadow my talents, treasures, abilities, gifts, and purpose

today is only one day and i can be present in it
tomorrow comes too soon for all things i want to do today

i am brilliant

i am a woman,
a comforter
a challenger
a smart aleck [albeit an incredibly witty and clever one]
a heaving mass of affection and humor and hurt and intellect
brimming with so many possibilities, which is terrifying and wonderful all at the same time

i am a mystery to me.
i am an open book to you.

if you don't know what i mean, you soon will
or else you won't.

i am like a strange jam that someone peppered with a dash of jalapeƱo: sweet. spicy. tangy. wonderful. [recipe, you ask? of course, dear]

i embrace hunger pangs -- they mean i am alive
i embrace sleepy eyes -- they mean i spend more time awake [living] than asleep
i embrace my inability to let something drop until i've completely exhausted myself with thinking through the possible outcomes
i embrace my redneck roots -- Christmas lights are always a good idea. #twinkle #twinkle
i embrace the fact that i only feel like myself if my hair smells good [clean. campfire. chlorine. cinnamon.]
i embrace my anger, my bitterness, my fears, my troubles, my faults, my hurt, my need to lash out, and my desire to run away when things get tough
i embrace them but i do not accept them as a final product but rather as a work in progress
i embrace eyeglasses. i am not me without them.
i embrace me

and i will always have a touch of rebel in my heart and a bit of wild running through my veins,

but i will not promise you that i'll always be able to want to reign them in.

afterall, i am only a woman

{::} {::} {::}
Thank you, MacKensie G. for posting your womanifesto and introducing me to this fun/challenging/empowering exercise!

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  1. Ahhh this is so great. :) I knew it would be.

  2. You are fantastic... Far from "pedestrian" :)))