Halloweeny at the Square [!!]

This weekend I trekked the two hours out to Cincinnati
for Halloweeny at the Square with Mandi & Cody!

The moon was gorgeous and mostly full. Sandy and 
her winds were blowing the clouds around like crazy. 
Such a pretty night for a drive. :)

The costumes were awesome! Their garage was a foggy,
black light, spooky entry way into their new house! There
were such great snacks. I won't lie. The food was my favorite part!!

My costume: Sweet combat-y boots and leg holsters 
and a black tank top and a long black braid. 

Can you tell who I am?! I was pretty pumped about it. 
Who feels like being a bad a$$ with me next year??

A little taste of this guy never hurt anybody... and definitely
added a hint of shenanigan to the Ohio-ween weekend!

Thank you to Mandi and Cody for throwing a great Halloween party! 
Can't wait to see you at the Ugly Sweater party in December!!!

Now, Halloween feels pretty much over for me even though we've still got it on the calendar until Wednesday. Christmas, come to me. :)

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Hope you're having a great week!

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