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Halloween 2011 -- Mr. Potato Head, Woody, & Buzz Lightyear!

Dear Halloween Weekend, Nice to see you again so soon! Dear Grad School, 6 weeks to go. Dear Cincinnati, I'm coming for you tomorrow! This promises to be an epic weekend spent with great people! Dear Sleep, I miss you. Come back to me. We have not spent enough time together this week. Dear Dress Dare, Wahoo!!! It's almost time!! Dear Ralph, I will spend more time with you soon. I promise. Dear Boy, I see that you are starting to realize how absolutely crazy emotional needy awesome I am. You are a trooper. Hang in there, k? :) Dear Light Progresso Soups, You have saved my waistline and my budget this week. So easy to just pop a can of soup into the lunch bag on the way out the door! Dear Newbies, Welcome to the crazy train! I am honored to call you my very own Plucky Piquettes. Maybe I should send you all an award or a medal or something? Addresses anyone? I will  send you a Christmas card. :) Dear Piquettes, Email me anytime [about anything] [seriously] @ pluckypicaroon [at] gmail [dot] com. I'm also interested in maybe working out some guest posts [?!] so.... Let me know if you're interested! All things inspiring, adventurous, courageous, daring, dashing, swashbuckling are considered acceptable topics for [ad-ven-cher]! Dear Life, Remember last week when we felt like we had a handle on things? Let's give that another try. #freefalling

Happy Weekend, friends! Be safe out there!!

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon


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  1. Omg you are just so much fun to read! Plus your from indiana! My sister in law moved to franklin a few months ago! So I like you already! Your newest Follower <3

    xoxo Yesi <3

  2. Okay, those costumes are amazing! LOOOVE it! And only 6 weeks and you're done with grad school?! Awesome!!!

    Happy Friday! :) Found you through the link-up!


  3. Hello neighbor! I'm here in Indianapolis too. The dress dare looks like fun. I vowed to wear more dresses this year, but am failing at it. My pesky jobs requires me to wear pants.

  4. bahaha I'm obsessed with these costumes. I still need deets on this boy. I'm also so interested in seeing how this dress dare goes!