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Katie-did as a Fancy  Kitty at Kelp's Fall Fest 2012

Dear Everyone, Sorry I'm such a brat these days. If you read yesterday's post you know that there's really nothing that wrong with my life. Ever. But thank you for listening to me gripe anyway. Dear Grad School, 8 weeks? Oh, and thank you kindly for this "Fall Break" of 2 days. I'll take whatever I can get. Dear Ralph, I'm sorry I've been neglecting you lately! When you stare up at me with those big Puss in Boots eyes and meow pathetically, I feel like a terrible pet-parent. Sorry, buddy. :-/ Dear Sister, Thank you for spending a few days with me this week! You are endlessly entertaining and your help with painting was so appreciated! Dear Cassie B., I see you today! Aaaah! #bestfriends Dear Boy, I'm actually really pumped for the Chicago Zoo on Monday! Honest! Just [as discussed] not quite as excited as you happen to be. I mean, there are snakes there after all. Dear Backache, I haven't seen you at this intensity in a long, long while. Feel free to leave at any time. Dear 10 Minute Solutions, It seems I was wrong and finding 10 minutes a day to workout actually can be a challenge. Let's change that this next week, yeah? Dear Friends Having Babies, I'm thinking of you, girlies! Everything will be great and the kids will be great and you will be great. The end. ♥ Dear Katie, You're still my best friend. :) 

                              Sister. Painting.                               Ralph stealing snuggles while I homeworked.

Be great today, k?

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  1. it is ok to complain every now and then we all need it at times everything doesn't always go our way :-)

  2. Who's this boy you speak of?! Details, please! (As a certain Plucky Picaroon once told me, e-mails are perfectly acceptable as well! :P)

    PS: You should totally make a blog button so I can rock it on my sidebar. I'd love to rep some Ad-ven-cher on my blizog. Exposure for good writing = winning! :)