Friday Letters

Dear Hallmark, I really just want to say "Happy Birthday!" or "Congratulations!" The mushy gushy over-the-top sentiments are a bit much. Maybe I haven't known since the first time someone saw a twinkle in an eye on a starlit night that smelled of fragrant rose buds that your birth would be an event that shook the Universe to its very core and time froze because it was Your Birthday, k? Yeesh. Dear Friday, Thanks for finally arriving. Dear Grad School, 9 weeks. Dear Family, I am so pumped to see you on Sunday. The stresses of being a grown-up really get me excited to come home and be pampered like a 5-year-old. Dear Christmas, Why do I already feel like I'm behind on my gift-making schedule for this year?! Dear Listening Ears, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My need to gripe [see letter to Grad School above] has never been so high and you all have just been fabulous. ♥ Dear Coffee, Love you boo boo. Dear Everyone, New "All Things Fall" Link Up has just arrived on the scene!!! Anything that even remotely resembles an Ode to Autumn [leafy crafts. chili recipes. costume ideas] is fair game for this new link up! Check it out.


Lots and lots and lots of love!


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  1. Oh my gosh, that is so funny, I always think some of the hallmark cards are over the top. Nobody actually wants to read those long "poems" that were written by someone else. I know that I like to actually hand write personally to whoever the card is for. All I really look for is Happy Birthday :) Lol I totally understand how it feels sometimes.

  2. i love coffee too! and i think i'll have a cup now.

  3. UGHH Dear Christmas I aggree!! I try to not really think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but then I'm overwhelmed by my lack of gift planning!

    Congrats on 50 followers. I'm #52! In terms of advice, honestly just be yourself! Of course, commenting and being an active blogger help in terms of more followers--I found you from Friday's Letter's link up, so that's a good example! But, I agree with some of the other for you, and if you get followers out of it--yay for new friends!