First World Problems

I'm pissy today. 
Me. Today.
Well, I didn't start that way. I actually managed to pull myself out of bed at a decent hour this morning. I got a shower and made a pot of coffee and packed my lunch, all with plenty of time to get to work. 
Then, FWP #1: I can't find a text book or a notebook I need for class. We moved the apartment all around this weekend to start painting and I've lost my Marketing textbook and my Statistics notes. Eff that. I may be able to fake it in marketing but Stats is tonight and 
without that notebook. It's not in my car or in my room or with any of my other school stuff. WHERE THE HECK IS IT?!?! 
So now I'm frustrated that I'll now have to trek back home after work to search for this notebook for a class that I hate anyway. Giving up finding it before work, I left. Still time to get there but not quite as much as I had before.
FWP #2: The route I've taken to work every single day for the past two years has suddenly become the MOST CONGESTED ROADWAY in this city. There's construction. There's an event at the fair grounds (which you can apparently on access from this road [sarcasm]). There's a Lilly Day of Service on this road and 8,000 people need to show up for it. Today. During rush hour. And therefore, I cannot get to work on time.

I am needlessly frustrated right this minute. I want to kick box something. Or maybe yell really loud? Not sure. All I know is that I had really high hopes for this morning because, like I said, I actually had plenty of time to get ready today, which is an oddity lately.



Time to go find something super inspiring on Pinterest and feel guilty that I'm being a brat about these things when people are ill or unemployed or heart broken. 

/end rant

Oh, Happy Freaking Thursday.

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  1. It can only get better from here!! I know your day will get much better. :) And even if it doesn't... The Office is on tonight.

    1. Ha! Spot on, friend. Thanks for supporting me through my hissy fit! :)