i got caught up in all these blogland popularity contests.
done now. thanks for all who weighed in. writing for me again starting now. take it. leave it. your call.

On that note, new blog audiences are making it tough for me to figure out what's writable and what's not so okay to reveal, you know? It's a lot easier to be open when you don't think anyone's reading it. But of course you want people to read it, so then it gets harder to be open.... #conundrum

That being said, a bullet point life update.

  • Grad School is ALMOST OVER. Hallelujah. Assuming I pass everything this semester (not guaranteed.... statistics class, anyone?) then I am so done in December! Wahoo!
  • Our lease is up at end of November. The priming-and-repainting-to-white process has already begun. Thanks to all who've helped thus far! And to any potential painters, I'll pay you in potato chips and love!
  • I completed my internship with Brooke's Place on Monday. Bittersweet, I say. It's such a great organization and I learned so much! On the other hand, totally cool with the idea of having two days off work each week again!   
  • I haven't really been super angsty lately. Weird, right? I thought that would never end. ... Christina Perri explains it best, "My heart isn't black and blue anymore." :-) In fact, I'd have to say things are feeling kind of the opposite of angsty. Anybody else freaking out about that? Yeah. Me too. #ingoodcompany
  • The beach? Well, it continues to woo me from far away. I'm more and more convinced that this life plan is exactly the one I need at this point. Friends, you must visit! Oh, and promise not to forget me before I get back next year, k? Pinky promise??
  • I haven't had time to read in AGES. Saddest part of my life right now. I'm almost as excited to tackle my reading list after graduation as I am to move to the beach for a while. Book nerd, you know? It's not a want or a wish or a desire. It is a basic need. I   must   read.
I think that just about covers it for now. Hope you all are well! Here's to more posts about life and love and happiness and less worrying about gaining followers, yeah? YEAH!

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  1. re: Reading
    College totally killed my reading-for-pleasure mojo, and despite being 2+ years out, I still haven't quite picked up where I left off. sigh. So many books, so little time.