An InstaCraft and a Fact [or 2]

Super Easy Instagram Photostrip Collage for Windows / PC

If you're a Windows girl like me, you may not have all of this fancy schmancy Photoshop editing gunk so I stick to my old standby - Microsoft Publisher.

{::} Pick your pics.
Find a web version of your Instagram stream. I used FollowGram.Me. I right-clicked and saved the pictures I wanted to use.

{::} Open a new Publisher file.
Once you have all of the pictures you want to use saved to a folder in your Documents, open up a blank [no template] document in Microsoft Publisher. It doesn't matter which blank page you choose because you're going to set the 8 x 10 parameters anyway. 

{::} Insert a square.
Either in the "Insert" menu or along the side [as pictured] is an option to Insert a Rectangle. Draw a square.

If you want to be really precise, like me, you can double click the square which will pull up the Format Autoshape menu. Under the "Size" tab, if both the Height and the Width are the same number, your square will be a perfect square. Since Instagram pics are all squares, this was important for me. :)

{::} Copy and Paste.
Once you've designed the perfect square, copy it and paste it several times to create a grid. Here, you can play around with the size of your squares and the length of your photostrips and such. Just make sure that all of the squares in the same "strip" are of equal size.

{::} Insert Pictures!
Now that you've got your layout, it's time to add the photos! Once again, double click an individual square to pull up the Format Autoshape menu. Under the "Colors and Lines" tab, change the "Fill" option to "Fill Effects..."
This will open up the "Fill Effects" menu. Under the "Picture" tab, click "Select Picture." This opens up your Documents / Pictures folder. Select a picture and hit "OK." It will automatically insert the picture into the select box.
Repeat this step for each individual square. Here, you can play around with the order or pick the pictures you most want to have in each strip. If you don't like the black border around each picture, see the Hint below.

Hint: The Autoshape will automatically have a black line around the outer edge of each square. To get rid of it, just double click the square to pull up the Format Autoshape menu and under "Lines" select "No Line."

{::} Photo Grid
Using whatever photos you want, fill up your 8 x 10 space with "strips" of photos. Only one more step!!

{::} The Photostrip Outline
Just like the "Insert Square" step above, draw another rectangle. This time, encapsulate an entire strip of photos. 

Again, I'm not a huge fan of the black outline, so I double clicked the new rectangle, found the "Lines" menu, and changed it to a light grey. Once I had the first Border rectangle, I just copied it and pasted it around the other Photostrips.

{::} Save it as a photo.
Now that you have your photostrips all lined up and outlined and such, it's time to save this in a photo format so you can open it on a Photo Printing Kiosk at Walmart or CVS or wherever you print pictures.
Under "File" click "Save As." In that menu, select "JPEG." Now, it should save some photo quality and also is in a format recognizable by a photo printer.

{::} Voila! Print me!!
Now, you have an 8 x 10 photo full of your Instagram photostrips! And it doesn't cost $14.99 and you don't have to wait for it to ship. You can make as many copies or as many different strips as you like!! 
All it costs is the 2 bucks it takes to print an 8 x 10 at your local pharmacy! Print that puppy out, cut it up, and you're golden! They could be bookmarks or tacked on the fridge or you could glue DIY magnetic strips from the craft aisle pasted to each individual square to have a ton of a adorable magnets or even just leave it as one big collage to be framed and enjoyed! SO MANY OPTIONS! :)

Let me know if you try it out or have any questions! The College Prepster hooked us up with the Photoshop version of this project a long while back. In fact, that's how I discovered her awesome blog in the first place! She gets total credit for my understanding of this type of project. If you're a PC-er, like me, you may just need a little guidance in a non-Photoshop program, which is what I hope you found here!

Oh, I started this post to link up about The Fact Is Tuesday... Right.

So umm...
{::} {::} {::} 

Fact: I spend way more time and energy on fun posts like this than I ever do on homework. 
Sorry, grad school.
Fact: I haven't spent a single evening at home just chilling without any homework, class, or plans in ..... months? Ugh.
Fact: I'm enjoying these link ups and I've been on the verge of starting one myself... We'll see. :)
Fact: I think knowing how much of our life is actually our choice is probably the most empowering thing of all time. But that's just what I think.... I'm no expert. ;)

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