All Things Fall! [New Link Up!]

Alright, kittens and caboodles. It's time! Finally, that Fall Link Up I've been going on and on about. If you are celebrating Fall with Pumpkin Spice Lattes and yummy cider candles and crafty sessions full of Halloween costumes and caramel apples, then please  link  it  up. :)
You are all pros at this link-up biz by now. Link your post. Grab the button. Paste it somewhere on your blog/post. And [the whole reason we do link ups in the first place!] visit some other links! Say hello! :)

That being said, I canNOT wait for Sunday. I'm visiting my hometown that is known for having the largest population of dead leaves on the planet -- Nashville, Indiana. I was teased recently about my obsession with the changing leaves. Every three seconds during a car ride, I'm pointing out some "gorgeous" "awesome" "beautiful" patch of colorful foliage in the landscape. My only defense? It's my heritage, man!

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There's even a live streaming Leaf Cam on the BCCVB website for crying out loud! If I grew up in the North Pole, I'd claim Christmas. But I grew up in the heart of crisp, cool, leafy goodness and I call Fall my very own. :) If you are in the Midwest and you haven't taken a weekend trip to Brown County to stay in a cabin or hike in the Brown County State Park or just mosey around Little Nashville munching on hot fresh cashews from the Jack and Jill Nut Shop, you are missing out, my friend.

Anyway, the Kelp Family Fall Fest / Best Beans n' Cornbread Ever celebration is this weekend. I hear I'm meeting up with my little Freshman-in-High-School sister to take her and her boo [what???] to the Fest. It's just been so gorgeous and the leaves are changing and everything outside smells so good. mmmMMMmmm.

I just love All Things Fall.

What Autumn-y things are you up to? Link up your posts below! [please] [I need a small victory to help ease the stress of grad school right now] [no pressure] [but I'm counting on you, blogland] [♥]


ps. Thank you to Heather Marie @ Bumble Bee for the Versatile Blogger Award! You rock, lady!

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