a challenge?

You know those people who are always up for a challenge?
Dare them to run a faster mile or make a better Parmesan sauce or learn to play Free Bird on the guitar and they are on it.
I admire those people. 
I just don't quite understand them.
Not to say I don't love a good challenge on occasion but just for the sake of being challenged? Not so much.
I actually detest the feeling of struggling through something. It blows. [this may all be stemming from the last 3 solid days spent with Statistics homework] I don't like not knowing and worrying and wondering if I'm even capable of this feat, let alone if I'll do it well. No sirree. 

Conquering a challenge, though?! That is the only saving grace of challenges. Why do you think runners always look so pained and depressed and make terrible faces while they're running? Because it SUCKS! That's why. Are there really people who like that particular moment in a challenge? When things could go either way? When you've come forward 3 steps and then fall back 10 again? If so... you're weird.


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ps. don't they look like they're having a blast? #not

But then there's the finish line. The glory. The victory. The "I did it!" The conquering.

oops. sorry about that. #HarryPotterNerd

You get the idea....

Please please please, dear Lord, let me conquer grad school [and maybe enjoy it just a teensy bit more? too much to ask? oh, okay then]. Let me conquer it before it kills me.

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