To Do vs. Want To Do

Good morning blogland!

Now that Summer feels officially over, I feel a marathon craft sesh coming on!
This includes, but is not limited to, Halloween costumes, Christmas presents, and little trinkets and gifts for various babies in my life [i'm not a mom. just clarifying]. 

Recently I finished a baby blanket for a new little nugget cousin. I've got several pics of the work-in-progress but none of the whole shebang. I'll get in touch with his mama and see if she can hook us up with a photo of the little guy lounging on my handy work.

That being said, I'm currently craftless
On the other hand, there are a few existing projects that need a little TLC.

{::} Sewing
My favorite pair of jeans suffered a sad loss of crotch-support recently and ripped open in a very crucial spot. I'm way too cheap to buy a new pair. Plus, I love these! So, I need a patch. Also, I bought several cheapy undershirts at Walmart and some of the seams came out. No big deal, just need to be patched up.

{::} Cooking
I signed up for eMeals Low Carb for 2 Plan and I keep getting menus/recipes each week but I haven't been cooking any of them! This is a so sad because I had some good meals in there for a while. Check out my guest post on MacKensie's blog for proof of my skillz! Newest recipes include a Black Bean Roll Up, a Chicken Caprese, and a Tangy Tuna Salad that have me salivating. Dear Grocery Store, Here I come! 

{::} Cleaning
We are two rent payments away from moving out of our current apartment which means
-- dun dun dunnnnn --
we need to get serious about cleaning it. Carpets. Appliances. Windows. Repainting the walls [triple ugh]. And so on. Needless to say, not really jumping up and down about this particular project. 

{::} Sorting
With The Big Move looming ever and ever closer, sorting out my closet, decorations, dishes, and such seems like a pretty good idea. If nothing else, it's probably smart to divvy up "Store in Family Garage" items from "Must Take This with Me" items. But giving lots of stuff away is probably the preferred route. Who wants to store a bunch of stuff that you're just going to end up giving away anyway? Not this girl.

With these  super fun  exciting  engaging  necessary projects on my already overflowing work/grad school/internship plate, those crafty ambitions seem lofty indeed. Oh well. They say if you want something done, ask a busy person! So.... Who needs help? Support? A listening ear? A sewing hand? Obviously, as a default of the busy person rule, I'm your girl. ;)


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