The Case of the Missing Panties [but not in a sexy way]

Remember that time when I did laundry on Sunday afternoon because I was totally out of clean panties and I figured I'd need to shower again at some point before work on Monday morning? And I threw all of my clothes [panties and all] into the washer at the laundromat in our complex? And then I came back a half an hour later and switched my clothes over into the dryer? And then I came back an hour later and every single piece of underwear [save one] was gone? Remember that time??

Needless to say, if you'd like to donate to the Sarah's New Undies fund, we take cash, check, coupons, etc. Sometimes I swear my life is like The Truman Show. The entertainment value is just too great to not be staged. How does this happen in real life?!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. hahahhaahaha that's hilarious. And unfortunate. I can empathize, though, because my dog has literally eat 3/4 of my underwear. AND I, too, wait to do laundry until I don't have a single clean pair left.

  2. What??? That's crazy! And Funny, and annoying!