I'm no expert but... [vii]

... when Mother Nature graces us with a dreary, drizzly, raining morning, she's all but ordering us to stay in bed an extra hour or two. Two-hour delays still counted as full school days. Surely there's precedent there to incorporate this policy into the workplace.

... if you don't drink coffee, you must have a very easy life. Either that or you're totally mental. Coffee. Is. Vital.

... time legitimately slows down when you're anticipating something. Wayyyy down. Unless you don't have everything ready to go for the big event. Then, it doubles in speed. 

... cheesy horror flicks are some of the very best. No one expects great acting, great story lines, originality, or a great musical score. Of the film genres, these are the most consistent and the most consistently entertaining. Who doesn't love being scared? Kind of really hoping to see this flick in theaters.

... right and wrong are really tough concepts. As much as I'm NOT a fan of the Shades of Grey series, that title does pretty much describe my theoretic understanding of many situations that could be classified as "right" or "wrong."

... honesty is the very best policy, especially being honest with yourself.

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