Homework Problems

Working my butt off on Stats homework today. Homework that I've been working on every evening [after night class even] since Sunday. However I'm the brainiac that left for work/class today and forgot all of my work at home

Well, not all of it, but a good chunk of it that I'm now having to redo. Woo.

That being said, it has just occurred to me that getting the data right is only part of our assignment. Interpreting it is another portion. Interpreting the data into memo form as if we were going to present it to our board. That means writing a memo. Writing, you say?  

That is so much more up my alley. 

Huge relief realizing that I get to do what I do best: B.S. it! =D

So fingers-crossed that this all works out but I'm feeling just a bit more comfortable in this memo-writing skin than the one I have to use to find z-scores and probabilities. blech.

Happy Thursday!

Rather, Happy Almost Friday!

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  1. That is so funny, I'm pretty sure I B.S.ed my entire way through high school. At least in my writing. It has since gotten better :) Lol