Friday's Letters!

Dear Stats Homework, I had a 19 hour time span this week in which you dominated my blog posts, Tweets, and Facebook statuses. Safe to say I genuinely hate you. Dear Grad School, I really hope this count is accurate and that we're are only 11 weeks away from parting. Forever. Dear Ingrid Michaelson & Christina Perri, Listening to your albums to and from work this week has turned me into such a girl. I can't decide if I'm emo or heartbroken or gooey in love or ready rock. Okay, maybe I was already a bit of a girl but you two have given me a great soundtrack!! Dear 10 Minute Solutions, You are a lifesaver! Even on my busiest day, it's tough to say I can't find ten minutes to workout. Kudos to you! Dear Boy, I have a teensy tiny little crush on you. Shhh. Don't tell. :) Dear Creeper Living Inside Me, You gotta quit cyber stalking people! It's not healthy!! Let them be, love. Dear Every Other Girl In The World, Sometimes you can't help cyber creeping on people [read: boys and/or the girls in their lives] from your past, right?!?! Dear Autumn Adventures Link-Up Potentials, I'm all for it! Y'all seemed on board last Friday. Let's start one. .... but how? Suggestions please! Dear Weekend, I have sorely been needing you. This has potential to be the girliest 3 days I've had a long long time. Woooo!

[Soundtrack of Sarah]

Happy Friday!



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  1. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog! I understand your pain when it comes to homework and school, even if its not at the graduate level. You can do it! Happy Friday!

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot