EASY Knitted Blanket for Baby

I am in the very very beginning stages of my knitting journey. When I found out that my aunt would be blessing us with our first little man in the family in decades, I decided to whip him up something special. Being a beginner, you'd think I would have found an easy pattern and trusted the professionals. However, I'm either too rebellous or too dumb because instead I created my very own little pattern and design! If you are a Beginning Knitter, this one is for you. If you're quite experienced, please be gentle. Remember, I'm just starting out. ;) 

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The Blanket

The Materials

Yarn: Lion Brand Super Bulky 6, 6 skeins (but I had some leftover)
Needles: Boye 15 10MM
Yarn needle
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The Pattern

To begin, cast on 13 stitches. 

Knit 13 rows. Nothing fancy. :) {1 & 2}
(13 x 13 gave me squares with some of the yarn but I had to do more rows or less rows with some of the other yarn. The point here is the square shape so feel free to add or subtract rows as necessary.
Bind off.

Make 25 squares. {3}
I used 3 different colors to make the squares: brown, creamy white, and green.

Next, using single crochet stitches (roughly 13 stitches across each side), work a border around each square. I used a bright gold.  {4} 

Side note: Corners || At the end of the row of 13 single crochet stitches, you should be at the corner. Simply chain 1 and then single crochet in the same stitch. This single crochet is the first of the 13 stitches for the next side. You're basically just adding a ch-1 space at each corner before starting the next row. 

Match up your squares in rows and use the color pattern you want. Mine was pretty random. I made 1 row at a time, attaching 5 squares together in a long line. When I had all 5 rows completed, I matched them up and attached them to complete the project! {5 & 6}

Side note: Attaching Rows || Using the same color gold that I lined each square with, I used a yarn needle and sewed the pieces together that way. Whatever stitch works best for you. You can do some cool things with joining stitches, but I was in a time crunch [and I'm not a great sewer anyway] so I did a basic spiral stitch and it worked just fine. Be creative!

Create a border by single crocheting in each stitch around the entire giant square you've created. The gold border from the squares already gave it a gold edge. I added a row of white and a row of green just to give it a more finished look.

Lastly, as always with knitting and crochet projects, weave in the ends and voila! A baby blanket. 

Now that you've got that super duper simple pattern under your belt, the moment you've all been waiting for.... THE BABY!

And of course, a shameless plug to prove how much the little nugget loves his oldest, wisest, coolest cousin Sarah. 

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I'll have more craft projects at some point in the future but no worries.... I will definitely be updating you about this adorable man who has stolen my heart. ♥


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