1/2 September 2012

Amazon emailed me this morning to say I'd probably like this Vintage Style Colorful Owl Charm Necklace. They'd be right. :)

In other news, I heard this awesome song on the radio on the way to work. I'm not sure if it's the dubstep option or the lyrics or the men in face masks, but I really dig this song at the moment. 

Still mayor of this beautiful place, according to foursquare. Neighborhood yard sale this morning. Since many of the homes around here are worth millions -- yes, millions ... of dollars -- you can imagine that there are some pretty sweet treasures out there just waiting to be scooped up! Maybe on my lunch break....

Sleepy after my "day off" yesterday but Giselle is running like a charm and is perfectly aligned in the front end again! She's also much cleaner. Short story: I was more than a teensy bit embarrassed about the state of my car's cleanliness when I handed the keys to the mechanic. This might be because I had spilled an entire bag of BBQ chips in the passenger seat at one point which I cleaned up brushing off into the floor. Or maybe it was because the remnants of my breakfast, a black and slimy banana peel, sat on top of those BBQ crumbs in plain sight... And that's just the passenger side floorboard. Eek! She's all cleaned up now, though. Good thing she's pretty. ;-)

Alrighty. Off to work. Happy Saturday friends!

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