Working Out the Kinks

In a weird mood this weekend, kittens. Not really sure what's up. In the past, I'd sit and mope and enjoy a spiraling vortex of neuroticism until I finally wore myself out. 

However, being a grown up with a 25-year-old fully developed brain has given me a new perspective on days like this. I'd rather not get depressed and eat my weight in Rocky Road ice cream, all the while crying even more because my pants won't fit. It's a vicious cycle.

Let's get inspired, shall we?

Step 1: Write a new I Grew Up Brown County post! 

In case you didn't know, this is my little pet project / stress reliever / memoir / homework distractor that I absolutely adore. If you get a moment, I'd love to hear your feedback! Well, only if they're nice things, that is. :)

Step 2: Retreat!!

When my goat starts getting git [too much?], I immediately head for the hills. Time with my family is so soothing and balming and unconditionally loving. I've often wondered if the only reason I get to the point of needing that support is to ensure that I never stray too far from home for too long.... That being said, off to the homestead this weekend! Who knows when a surprise might arrive, you know?

Step 3: Make a list.

Often, feelings of insecurity and emotional retardedness* are the result of a system overload. i.e. stress. Things are really picking up for Fall. I know I've griped about it over and over and I know that my work schedule is a breeze compared to many others; however, it's tough for me. 6 days a week is rewarding but draining! So, when these feelings of overwhelmed-ness occur, I just have to make a list. Divide things up into Important, Urgent, Unimportant, Un-Urgent quadrants and hope for the best. Surprisingly soothing.

Step 4: Walk it out.

All of this under-the-surface bubbling up of feelings isn't going anywhere but it does seem a bit more manageable after a good workout. For me right now this means several speedy-walk laps around the track. This beautiful weather recently has been an added bonus.

Step 5: Talk it out OR Let it go.

This might be the hardest one. I like to hold injury, hurt, or any other sort of emotion close to my heart, nurse it, and keep it safely tucked away. Safe? Sure. Effective? Not a chance. So this is my sticking point (at which I'm make very stuttering starts). For a walking mess of an emotional time bomb like me, this step really blows. [pun really was not intended!] I just hope acknowledging the need for it counts as a step.... at least a baby step, right?

Ahhhhh. That feels a bit better. Seeing it all laid out like that helps, I tell you! You don't how many times I've thought to myself, "I wish I could be just a little less dramatic" (thanks Miranda Lambert for the excellent lyric and tune!). Buuuut I am dramatic. So. Yeah. 

Until next time!
Have a great weekend!


*Word Selection / Usage: noun -- a slowing down, diminution, or hindrance, as in a machine. Not to be confused with social hate speech or intended to be offensive. 

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