Saddle Up!

Whew. What a week! So much going on these days that life feels like it's passing by at the Speed of Light! An update in photos? Don't mind if I do. :)

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Last week, I took the minimum required number of hours of training to be a legit mediator -- 40 hours! Assuming I passed the take-home quizzes each night and the final [that has yet to be posted], then I earned THREE GRADUATE CREDIT HOURS in ONE WEEK. This, my dears, is some schooling I can get into.
My neighborettes visited during the week and, though I was swamped with homework, I couldn't turn down their offers of fixing my hair and rubbing my feet. Who knew having little ladies next door would work out so well for me?! They're like my own personal little spa. :)
During a lunch break one afternoon of class, I splurged on the very first A Song of Fire and Ice novel, A Game of Thrones. Aaah! I have zero time and I'm only a couple of chapters in but I can already tell you I dig it!
I've turned into quite a girl these days. This particular trend I blame solely on Em Snapp. That being said, I am totally in love with The Accent Nail! I've never been one who's super interested in painting my fingernails. It's visible and requires touch-ups and reveals my sloppy painting abilities. However, these days, I just can't stop! Love it!
Friday night, class was finally finished! Friday also happened to be my cousin Emma's 10th Birthday Party! The pool was cold and the hot tub was lukewarm, but the cupcakes were excellent, the presents were super cool, and spending time with family is always a blast!
Even though it was Emma's party, Nana was on the case with The Dress Dare and supplied me with several new dresses! She's a great lady and a superb Nana, if I may say so. Some potential that I'm slightly biased on that one but.... it's true!
Saturday night, I acted a fool with these dweebs in Broad Ripple. :) 
I actually got kicked out of a bar! How B.A. is that?! The story, I'm sad to say, is not nearly as cool as it sounds and if you'd like to hear it, you should ask me about it. Otherwise, I encourage you to let your imagination run wild with possibilities....
I also got word on Friday that my newest little cousin is on the way very soon! Good thing I started this baby blanket back in April.... Ugggh! Stay in there, little nugget! I need time to finish! But don't wait too long because I am dying to meet you!

Last night, we were off the the Indiana State Fair! So much fun. And those little piglets and giant horses were simply divine. You just can't beat a classic good time like the fair, you know? Besides, I've always had a soft spot for those baby cows. ♥ I even tried the signature fair food of 2012!
And that brings us right up to this morning. Ralph has been super affectionate [when I'm home, that is], most likely because I've barely been home! This morning, I couldn't resist giving you a glimpse of our morning ritual. Maybe 5 minutes before my alarm, I get whiskers in my face and paws pressing into my back and lots and lots of purring. Before you get too excited you should know, he's just hungry! Little brat wakes me up because he wants breakfast! Oh well. I'll take what I can get, I suppose. :) #lover

See? I told you life is crazy these days. Crazy good, though. :)

Oh, and if you aren't already freaked out by the fact that we are half way through August today, we're also 77 days away from Halloween and 131 days away from Christmas!

Pip Pip Cheerio, My Plucky Piquettes!


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  1. 3 credit hours in 1 week?? That's pretty awesome, congrats to you! and the Indiana state fair looks so fun! Pigs and horses, so midwest. Love it :)

  2. Your swimming suit is super cute! Thanks for the countdown, I love Halloween and already bought my first Christmas ornament on the year!