Randomonium (!!)

With this 40-hour intensive class this week, plus our quizzes and readings each night, my brain is fried. Here's what I've got for you in the form of blog posts. Warning: It's a random collection of ish in my life these days.

{::} I ordered and received this book in the mail. Sadly, I was exhausted on Sunday and then started this class, so I haven't been able to start it yet. Sad life.

{::} Today, I saw a girl pushing an empty wheel chair towards the elevator. When the door opened, I fully expected a non-walking person to be sitting on the floor, waiting to climb into the wheel chair. Hmm. Yep. Brain = fried.

{::} Chicago was awesome!!

The beach at Lake Michigan was exactly what I needed. And Giordano's pizza rocked my world. Obviously, all of the walking and touring and wandering about wore us out.
{::} Friday is my cousin Emma's birthday party! Poool Partay Baybayyy!

{::} I've decided that pathetic, heart broken lame-o isn't quite as attractive as I originally thought. So... No mas. Hooray! Aren't you excited?! .... Yep. I'm like you. I can't wait to see what changes it brings!

 I rediscovered one of my favorite loves this week. :)

{::} Oh, and I know this is kind of weird but.... I'm actually excited for classes to start back up. BUT only because I've been looking forward to seeing all of my grad school peeps on the regular again!

What random thoughts are swirling around inside your brain this Toasty Tuesday?

Over and Out, Girl Scouts


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