Friday's Letters

Dear Labor Day Weekend, Thank you for being you. Dear Forecasted Hurricane Rain, I will dance in you if you choose to show up. Dear Maintenance Man, Please please please fix the leak right over my bed so I can choose to dance in the rain and not wake up in the night swimming in it. Dear Punky Brewster, I'm suddenly finding your fashion sense so much more reliable than I did at age 7. #colors #dots #stripes #layers Dear Eli, You've stolen my heart away, little man. :) Dear Grad School, You better enjoy these last 14 weeks together because I will NOT be coming back. Dear Afternoon Nap, I'm coming for you, buddy.

Eli, newest little boy cousin, born Monday, August 27th ♥

Happy Friday!
Happy Labor Day!



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  1. Punky Brewster hahahaha awesome. congrats on the new baby cuz! :) I have a brand new baby cuz too!