Friday's Letters

Dear World, Watch out. Today, I am a rebel. Dear Miley Cyrus, I seriously thought they were all joking about that awful hair until yesterday. I had such high hopes for you. Dear Liam, Since your fiancé wigged out, I will totally soothe your aching heart and nurse you back to emotional help. Just.... sayin'. :) Dear Coffee, Can I write enough love letters to you? I think not. Dear Grad School, I will conquer you. Only 15 weeks to go! Dear Freedom, You are mine and thank you for not going without a fight. Stick with me, kid. Dear Ralph, Those adorable little trilling jungle sounds you make in the morning? I know it's just because you're hungry but they are so cute that I hold off feeding you until the last possible second. Joke's on you! Dear Man at Starbucks, The fact that you were ordering a refill on your Venti coffee at 8:30am is incredible. My hero. Dear 90° Weather, I'm pretty sure I broke up with you. Please quit hanging around. It's pathetic. Better luck next summer.

Happy Friday!

[Ralph, King of the Jungle]

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Looks like the link up isn't running today, but these are just too much fun! Here's the usual link

Via Twitter, I just discovered This Beautiful Life's letters and I've always loved Ashley's (she's where I found the link up in the first place!). I'm not sure if MacKensie is lettering today but either way, you should check out that girl's blog. She's way too cute! Oh, you'll definitely want to check out siddathornton. She's hilarious in general and her Letters today are paired with Fancies! Bonus!

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  1. Ralph is so cute! And I totally agree about Miley, what was she thinking?

  2. Hey! Discovered you through the #fridaysletters hashtag on twitter and lo and behold I found you had a shout out to me on your blog. That's pretty cool!

    Loved your letters by the way. Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. i LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!! I was falling asleep blog-hopping and came to you and what-do-you-know! I will be starting pick-me-up-letters soon which is very similar to yours! I've seen it everywhere and love reading them!
    thank you so much!