Friday's Letters

Dear Chicago
, I am so inside you right now. #dirty Dear August, Welcome! Dear Singlehood, I'm so glad we've bonded lately. I'm really kind of starting to like you and your emotional stability, your freedom, and your lack of responsibility for another's well-being. Dear Beach, I'm coming for you in 5 months! Dear New Blog Friends, I'm so excited to get to know you! Dear Life, Thanks for rocking my socks this week. ♥

Canada looks pretty cool from here!



Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. yay, i love that life is rocking your socks recently :)

    - lauren

  2. Hi from Friday's Letters! And... I love the dirty Chicago joke. HILARIOUS! I'm originally from Chicago and I just went on a trip there last week. Miss it so much!

  3. Enjoy Chicago!.. I didn't really dig it.. but, I'm more of a Nashville girl. lol.

  4. Haha you are such a crack up! Never been to Chicago but would love to some day! Loving your photostream

  5. love chicago! enjoy!

    Happy a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!