What did YOU do last night?

Last night, as I finished a paper and wrote a forum post for class, I watched an episode or two of Disappeared on Investigation Discovery. I can't explain my obsession with this show and, seeing as I got broken into in January [which you read about here and here], you'd think it would be way down my list of entertainment choices. However, this is not the case.

I absolutely love it.  So much so that I tweeted about it.

I like to watch true life crime stories on Investigation Discovery before bed. Normal?   

One of my favorite ladies in the world, an old camp buddy replied.

 currently watching Criminal Minds before bed...

Oops! Looks we've got a strange bedside manner, eh? I enjoyed our bonding moment but didn't think anything more of it until I got this text...

LC: Um so I definitely had a 
nightmare last night where
I had to go back in time to
kill a vampire with a giant
sword. When I arrived in
the past, you were there
so we teamed up to
kill the vampire. But when
it showed up, it attacked
me and you refused to 
throw me my sword. Then
I woke up. No more Criminal
Minds before bed.

Ha! Do I have the coolest friends or what?! Never mind the fact that I pointed out the erroneous-ness of the story right away seeing as I wouldn't have just refused to give her the sword, so I assured her

Me: It must have been cursed
or had a poison handle or 
something. You woke up too soon!

I know I was in a bit of a funk yesterday, and kind words and sympathetic ears have really come to the rescue! In light of the grumbles, I'd just like to say, I clearly have a fabulously fabulous life, with great friends and wonderful experiences and the cutest cat ever.... and get to go back in time and fight vampires at night! 

coolest. life. ever. :)

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