Weekend Update

This is crazy. The past few days have been weird for me because I was actually too busy to Facebook, Tweet, or Blog this weekend! Holy Cow!

Highlights include:

I had fun!
I saw Magic Mike - awful terrible no good very bad movie.
I saw Moonrise Kingdom - made up for every yucky second of Magic Mike by being creative, entertaining, and very well done.

I ate. A lot.

I finally watched Speed Racer - that was pretty cute and, seeing as I didn't have to get a ticket for it, worth a watch.
Ralph pooped on the bathroom rug. Again. -- New rugs in the bathroom!
I slept for twelve g.l.o.r.i.o.u.s. hours Saturday night. /le sigh
I wrote a paper for Human Resources class.
I met some new people! Lovely ladies, all, and though I was totally wiped out when we were hanging out, I hope to get to see them all again soon!

This week is stacked too. I have some professional training seminars all day tomorrow and Wednesday (but they feed us lunch, so I'm sold!) and then Katie's Bounce House Birthday party is Wednesday evening. Thursday? Well, we'll just let that day take care of itself.

Thanks for stopping by, San Diego.

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