That Time She Went All Philosophical On You....

I went for a hike today. This country girl has to get back out in Nature and reconnect with her roots sometimes. I had so much on my mind today, not the least of which was all the crime television I've been watching and all the young girls who get kidnapped [or worse] on nature trails alone. 

As I looked around at the hot, muggy, stagnant wildlife around me, I had a new found appreciation for storms. We have always loved rain as a cleanser, as background noise to our best naps, as watering cans for our gardens. The drought this summer has made it even more apparent how important rain can be.

The metaphorical storms in life suck. Nobody likes to be tossed about willy-nilly, soaking wet, and uncomfortable with no end in sight to the winds and thunder and lightning. But without those storms? 

We dry up.
Nothing can grow and nothing can maintain life
without a refresher now and then.

Just a few miles from my apartment, I found a new park to explore!

Hello there, Funny Face.

I also found where they keep the Bat Signal! Da na nana na na nana....

Following in the footsteps of wild little critters seemed like
an excellent way to find a place to think.

As I explored this off-the-beaten-path, a recurring theme of Brokenness and Beauty continued to present itself. Over and over again I thought,

"Just because it's broken doesn't mean it isn't beautiful."


And then I stumbled across this guy:

I was slightly shocked and really excited to find the yin-yang symbol!

On one hand, this is the truest form of "human nature." A team. Man's impact on Nature and vice-versa. 
It excited me, though, because I came to a conclusion only this morning that accepting the balance in life is the only way to cope. Really really extremely good things have equal and opposites, and you can't have one without the other.

Also, following this theme of "broken and beautiful," it occurred to me that this photo opp would never have been possible on a pristine, intact tree. When it comes to being "broken," people often talk about the beauty in putting things "back together," like the Asian art of using liquid gold to fill in the cracks, making the once-shattered pot that much more beautiful for its flaws.

Do you ever think about all the things there are that have to be broken in order for something else to happen? 

For example, without broken eggs, there would be no cake, no omelettes. Sure, the egg will never be intact and pristine again. It will never be perfectly perfect, whole, and flawless, but no one is out there trying to pick up the eggshells and un-cook the cake, sift out the eggy goo, and try to put it back in its original form. The egg served its purpose, but the omelette is the end goal, you see.

I think people might be a bit like this, too. Or at least, I think I am. I have some parts that have been broken, some principles that I have questioned, some experiences I never expected to call my own, and some questions about what it all means. I do not, however, want to be put "back together" in order to fix the broken parts. I want to be put "forward together," if there is such a thing.

I am not a vase, with only one intended purpose, becoming worthless and useless if shattered. 

I identify much more with the egg, who may miss having some elements of egg-ness for a while but ultimately gets to be part of a CAKE. A birthday cake. A wedding cake. Bigger things than the small, perfect, pristine little egg could ever have imagined it would one day impact and help bring to fruition.

Deep, huh?

Daydreaming, contemplating these things, staring up at the sunlight shining through the leaves, I nearly missed
the family of deer right in front of me on the path! A mama and two babies!
Mother Nature, you have served me well once again, just as I knew you would.

Keep your chins up, plucky piquettes. We may not be perfect little eggs anymore, but we are certainly on our way to being whisked into fine omelettes! [or, my preference, deelicious cake!]

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  1. I love this so, so much. Wonderful analogy, my friend. I feel inspired and hopeful due to this post. Thank you. :)