On My Plate

My Summer Plate:
{::}Online Class

My Weekend Plate [this weekend]:
{::}The Color Run

{::}Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney in Concert
{::}Dress Dare Photo Shoot [first one!!]

My August Plate:
{::}2nd-5th -- visit Cassie B. in Chicago [my first Chicago visit ever!!]

{::}6th-10th -- intensive Conflict Resolution course from 8am-5pm [but I'll have 3 full credit hours at the end of one week!]

{::}10th -- Emma's 10th birthday party!
{::}20th ish -- Fall classes start -- 3 night classes each week. All semester long. Uggggh.

My Fall Plate:
{::}September 28 -- Purple Champion Tailgate with Brooke's Place
{::}Apply for jobs
{::}Downsize belongings
{::}Repaint apartment white and clean the carpets
{::}Downsize more belongings
{::}Apply and apply and apply for jobs
{::}Find my way on a camping trip or two, a cookout or two, a pumpkin carving adventure, and thoroughly enjoy an Indiana Fall. :)

My Winter Plate:
{::}Host the most bangin' Ugly Sweater Party the world has ever seen! Err, well. Host an Ugly Sweater Party anyway....
{::}Celebrate the holidays with my friends and loved ones.
{::}Move [!!!!!!!!]

That's it, folks. My next 4 months in a nutshell. Ay caramba! I can't believe how fast time is flying by! Friends near and dear, let's get together soon! 


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