As you may have noticed, I've been in a bit of a funk this week. This is a normal cycle in the Land of Sarah, and we spiral down into angsty posts and angsty music and all around emo-ness for a few days and then we're back at it. 

Personally, I'm bored with the cycle so I thought I'd take a chance to break it! [if only for a bit] One thing I'm fascinated by with other bloggers is their space. Where they work, where they blog, where they eat and watch tv and sleep. Is that creepy? Hope not. There are theories that say our "space" is an extension of ourselves. That being said, I thought I'd let you explore that space that is so intimately me -- my bedroom!

Now, you should feel very privileged because it's not like I go around inviting everybody and their brother into my room. ... Ready for you tour? Excellent!

This is my bed! My very own Big Kid Bed! I bought  it  last winter when we moved into this new apartment. Before that, I was sleeping on my teeny tiny twin bed from childhood! This bed is definitely a highlight of my adult life so far. 
At the foot of the bed is a one of a kind lamp! I know because I got the cool, plumb colored base from a lady at work who had been storing it away since the 1970s! The custom part, though, is the shade which started as plain white and was fortunate enough to get a little Sarah lovin' [i.e. I attacked it with pink spray paint] and it now looks like blood dripping and oozing away from the light. Pretty cool, eh?
Between my two closets [yeah, that's right. I said two closets!] sits a small dresser for socks and underthings and leggings and the like. The top of it becomes kind of catch-all since it's the first surface I see when walk into the room. Currently, it holds a photo, a candle, scented oils, an old iPhone case, my Design Darling monogrammed business card holder [saving it til I have my very own office!], a pair of baby boots [a gift for a friend. promise.], and of course some I LOVE BROWN COUNTY paraphernalia!
On the wall behind it is the plaque made for each of the graduating seniors our last year in College Mentors for Kids at USI. Those hand prints belong to our kiddos, who would be super old now!
Here we have what has quickly become one of my favorite corners in the whole apartment! Mostly, I think, because it has Dexter in it and I love him! The roomie brought a spare tv, bigger than this one, to put in the living room, which allowed me to set up my own theater system in my room! Holler! Never mind that the tv stand is actually loaded up with books, if you look closely. Oops!
Oh, and try not to be jealous of my sweet view on the left there...... It does let good sunlight in in the morning though!
Aaah! I can't believe I forgot the most important part -- The Bookshelf! It is a select portion of the books in my possesion, and sports some pretty sweet cards on display across the top. Whew. Can't believe I almost forgot that!
Next up is my desk. My very very messy, cluttered, disorganized desk. So much so that I'm too embarrassed to show you a picture of the whole thing! Yes, that is my floppy white Easter hat, and it's perched on my very own sewing machine. My poor laptop screen is busted in half [which you can't see here] and is in terrible need of repair. Someday, when I'm rich, maybe....
Last but not least, my nightstand! Too many books for a sane person to be reading at once? Check. Journal I've been faithfully keeping for two weeks? Check. Adult beverage / night cap? Check. iPod dock alarm clock? Check. Not pictured is my bedside reading lamp. Still no luck trying to get the darn thing to turn on... Something to do with the bulb.

ps. No, your eyes haven't fooled you. That's a hula hoop in the back corner. Welcome to adulthood. 

As we say at the Museum, that pretty much concludes the tour!
Unless you count these beads, which you can pretty much find anywhere in the apartment at the most random times. Easily Ralph's favorite toy, these things end up in shoes, under dressers, inside jackets, on shelves, and [most often] on my bed.
Speaking of my bed, that's where I'm headed right now! I've got a good book to read, and Dexter to watch, a drink to drink, and a cat to snuggle. Now, you've seen life from my perspective. :)
Thanks for stopping by on the tour! I'm feeling surprisingly refreshed, cataloging all of the great things I love about MySpace! Now that all of you have been in my room, my reputation is probably in tatters but it was worth it! I can't promise you tomorrow will be all sunshine and rainbows, but this evening is looking up! 

I would love to see your space! What's your favorite room in your house? Do you have a pet who's always under foot [and in your heart ♥]? Is there a section, surface, or portion of your home so cluttered that you'd be too embarrassed to show it off [think: my awful desk]? 

Share with me! All in the name of slam dunking the funk, that is. :)

Over and Out Girl Scouts,

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

Sarah, aka "Plucky", blogs on the reg, unless she's on vacation or there's a Pretty Little Liars marathon or she's mulling over the implications of the phrase "on fleek." She can't live without iced coffee, a portable phone charger, or equal pay. Say hello!


  1. This is awesome. You're a brave soul. I am far too messy to showing my space on the internetz. haha. I need to work on that maybe. Love this post.

  2. I love this! I need my own space to decorate! If I showed you Sean and I's room you would cry of boringness and messiness.

  3. You have a nice blog, i hope you visit mine.

  4. Hi dear.
    I love you're blog, I follow u :) :)

    My name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.
    Hope u follow back, honey ;)

    A lot of kisses.

  5. I love the way your bookshelf has multiple compartments! And if you are looking for too many books for a sane person to read you should read my last post! lol ( went to put all the books I'm reading as a small thing of the day and it overtook the post! I didn't even mention my amazing history books or my Bible!(oops!) Oh! And on your shelf, is that Harry Potter and Twilight? ;)(if so, I knew it, I could recognize those covers anywhere!)And it's not creepy to be fascinated with others' spaces. I love seeing where people work! In fact, I just saw this post ( and she shows her desk, which is somehow clean, and it was so cool that I have to do something to the wall behind my desk now!Anyways, have a great day! Thanks for letting us see your space :)

    1. Thank you for your comment! You really are reading A LOT of books. haha. Love making new nerdy friends. :)