Memories... In the Moonlight :)

Tonight has been such a blast. My roommate and I have been traveling down memory lane all evening and we have so many memories! My time in this city has been such a time of transition and change and experience, and I [am beginning to think I] wouldn't change any of it. A quick recap:

{::} Big Kid Job

Starting my first full time job was a huge transition. Having healthcare rocks! I adore going to the dentist, simply because I can! The people I work with are amazing, and I have so many friendships that I believe will carry on for years to come. Such a wonderful experience.

{::} On My Own

College was fun, but I don't feel like it really counted as "on your own," you know? I had RAs and professors and plenty of people with demands on my time and curfews and rules. Moving here, I was completely and utterly free for the first time in my life. I'm proud of myself of for working to pay my own way, for making ends meet, and learning a few more of the ins-and-outs of adulthood when it comes finances.... i.e. There will ALWAYS be something "unexpected" that costs a couple hundred dollars. Every month. It's no longer an unexpected expense. Get used to it. [just one of many lessons I've learned]

{::} Friends Are Important

Living away from family and childhood friends for the first time ever allowed me the opportunity to begin forming new bonds and discovering how new friendships blossom and prosper. Learning to recognize limits [my own and others] and know who to turn to for what has been such a cool experience. I have met some awesome awesome people in the last 3 years and I believe they will be around for a long long time to come!

{::} Relationship: Before, During, and After

So much of the reminiscing tonight involved my previous relationship. It's kind of crazy when you think about all of the life and lessons and experiences you share with one person in such a short span of time. We did so much, you know? So many of my firsts with him, so much feeling and growing and exploring.... I doubt that I will ever come across someone with whom I get to learn so much in the future. We kind of grew up together, or at least, I grew up with him. Whatever our differences may be, I think of him fondly and love-ly. What a wild ride....

{::} Pet Ownership

Until I moved here, our pets were all mutual family pets that required little care from me. When I lived alone for a few months, I needed another heartbeat in my apartment. Enter: Ben Matlock. Gosh, I loved that hamster. The morning I found him dead ranks as one of the worst moments of my living life so far. Ugh. When I got to missing him and feeling like getting another one, I just couldn't do it. I didn't want another hamster, I wanted BEN. Then, Giorgio came along. I adopted the Beta Fish as an afterthought to [one of many] a break up and felt that if I could keep a fish alive, perhaps there was hope for me when it came to caring for another individual. Then.... Ralph. There are no words for that little guy. I don't feel utterly obsessive and overly connected, but he is my little dude and I love the little guy and I can no longer imagine living here without him. 

{::} Education

I've earned a certificate in Event Planning and Management, and in December I hope to complete my Masters Degree. Can you believe it?! I've definitely had great opportunities for educational advancement here.

These are just a few areas of my life that have been affected in the 3 years since I've lived here. It's hard to believe that I'll celebrate my 3 year anniversary with this city in August. Wow. I really do love this place. It has a lot to offer, and I imagine I'll be back before too long. January 2013 is still destined for the beach, but maybe January 2014 sees me back here, strolling along the canal, playing laser tag at Post Road Recreation Center, and making my date hold my hand at the War Memorial. /le sigh

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