Like Searching for a Corner in a Round Room

Had a great chat with a great friend yesterday about belief, opinions, freedom of speech, and calls to action. I generally stay out of this kind of thing because it's ineffective and just riles people up, but I felt like my friend made great points and I'd like to share them.

{::}Believe whatever you want to believe.

This comment was spurred by the recent Chick-Fil-A scandal in which execs professed to supporting the traditional concept of marriage of one man & one woman. The backlash by those who are in favor of gay marriage has been astounding. And, of course, the backlach-backlash of those who are on the side of the Chick-Fil-A guy has been just as prevalent. So, here's the question: We live in a country that protects an individual's freedom to believe whatever he or she wants to believe, right? Why is it, then, when an individual expresses his or her belief, people feel a need to "take sides" and rally behind or persecute that person for stating his or her belief? On either side of the fence?

I am not saying I agree or disagree with the beliefs held by Chick-Fil-A guy, but I am a bit in awe of him for having the courage to stand up for what he believes, knowing the consequences that could arise as a result of it. By openly stating his stance on a particular issue, he gave YOU a choice as to how you'd like to respond to it. That's more than most politicians and other businessmen will do since to definitively believe something in our society is to set yourself at odds with half of the voting population, so sitting on fences has become the norm for leaders in the public eye. I am in awe of any individual in the public eye who is willing to take a stance, one way or another, whether it's Martin Luther King Jr. or Sarah Palin or Dorothea Dix or Ellen DeGeneres. There is bravery in what they've done, whether we agree with them or not.

{::}You aren't going to make ME believe what YOU believe.

Let's have a discussion! Tell me what you believe. Tell me how you came to believe. Tell me how you came to your conclusions, where you first heard the idea, how your stance on an issue has changed or affected or improved things. Tell me about your god, your food, your neighborhood, your views on gay marriage, what you feel about national healthcare. Tell me everything! I honestly would love to know. 
Do NOT tell me I'm wrong for my stances on things. Do NOT refuse to talk to me because I hold a different belief on a particular issue. Do NOT assume that because I'm expressing my point of view that I believe it is the ultimate good, the universal truth, the be-all, end-all that I expect you to also jump on board with it. Do NOT try to change my mind or change my beliefs. It's rude, don't you think? 
Here we are, having an educated, intellectual discussion between two logical people who did not arrive at their personal conclusions willy nilly and one of us [or both of us] suddenly decides that it is our duty to enlighten our poor, ignorant, doesn't-know-any-better, wrong counterpart of the absurdity of his beliefs and get him to switch to our way of thinking.... It's disrespectful and no real change comes from such a thing. It is an exercise in futility.

{::}I don't give a fudgemonkey what you believe.

Fortunately, we live in this country that supports, protects, and defends a difference of opinion! So, in keeping with point number one, believe whatever you want to believe! I don't care! It's not my right or responsibility to berate you, sway you, change you, agree or disagree with you, respond to you, think you're right, think you're wrong, or any other manner of reacting to your belief. It is YOUR BELIEF, nothing more and nothing less. Until we can all get over ourselves enough to allow others to express their beliefs without getting up in arms, no real discussions can take place. Until real discussions take place [in which people can be open and honest without fear of backlash], no real change takes place. Until real change takes place, this world of bigotry, prejudice, hatred, and evil will continue to persist. 

So, there you have it. The Lecumatlock Method for approaching conversation topics that pose the potential for a difference of opinion. I hope I haven't offended anyone, though knowing our combative nature as a society, I'm certain I have.

Let the maelstrom begin. 

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  1. I LOVE IT! I do enjoy your new phrase, the "Lecumatlock" Method. It is definitely one I support and I enjoyed reading your take on it. Bravo friend, I applaud your courage to put it out there without fear of others opinions.