I have recently been involved in a conversation that involved me being judged. Hard. 

I have to tell you -- I'm not a fan.

Sorely disliking that feeling of insecurity and questioning my self-worth and feeling "not good enough" has been a bit of a wake up call. I used to pride myself on reserving judgment [or reserving voicing judgment at least] and lately I've been tossing judgments around like water sprinklers toss water. [before this water ban took place today that is]

Shame on me.

"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself." -Wayne Dyer

I am only finding faults in others that reflect my own ish. It's some kind of Freudian classic tendency or something. When I watch someone work a room full of people and have them eating out of her hand, I feel inadequate and jealous and think something bad about her in a subconscious attempt to make myself feel better. Ummmm. Can you say immature, rude, and downright dumb? And don't get me started on boys. If and when someone moves out of "Cute and Interesting" and into the "Dirty Rotten Jerk" category, I spend a lot of time and energy thinking up all the ways he was wrong and awful and how much better I must be because he [fill in the blank]....
It's exhausting.

Life is too short for all of that, don't you think? And besides -- Who do I think
I am? To have the ability, the know-how, the experience, the moral superiority to say with certainty when another has fallen off the wagon and that he or she is bad for it and deserves no second chances or compassion?

To the judgers, my judgers even, I say, "Judge away." If that's the thing that brings you joy and helps you sleep better at night, who am I to take that away from you? 

To the rest of us.... Well, maybe we could be a bit more intentional about replacing "judge" statements with "love" statements.



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