Good Morning, Lovebugs!

Okay, that's just about all of the excitement that I can muster for this morning. I am still so sleepy! Something is up with my internals.... I've felt nauseous, chilled, and lethargic for days. Maybe even a week or so. Let's squelch any potential rumors to assure my dear readers that there's a <0% chance it's a little bundle of joy. #restassured There are certain activities involved in that particular predicament that just aren't happening. So, no worries there.

The worry, then, is what the heck is going on? I started working out again, so maybe I'm just physically tired from that but honestly -- I don't work out nearly hard enough for that to really affect anything. I've been getting more protein in my diet. I've laid off the going out / drinking for over a week. R&R has been the name of the game, mostly. So, what the french, toast? .... who knows? I guess I'll just keep chugging water and trying to get good sleep and, if another week goes by with no success, I'll go to the doctor. [uggggggh]

In other news, I've been really enjoying these Outfit Of The Days! #OOTD

Top Left: Old Navy Dress [Goodwill Find] ; Wallyworld Moon Phases Watch ; Dollar Store Earrings
Top Right: FAVORITE Button Up Shirt [Goodwill Find]
Bottom Right: Birthday Dress from Nanna! ; Roommate's Earrings ; Walmart Sandals
Bottom Left: Brown Skirt from Office Clothing Swap [Free] ; Hand-Me-Down Brown Belt from Jilly [Free] ; Roommate's Earrings ; Kohl's Brown Sandals ; On Sale Walmart T - $3 

Top Left: [Way] On Sale Dress Pants from The Limited ; Gray Long Sleeve T from Target ; Red & White Striped Sweater [Goodwill Find] ; Mary Kay Bow Bracelet from Sissy [Christmas present!] ; Strand of Fake Pearls & Cheapy Pearl Earrings ; Wallyworld Moon Phases Watch
Top Right: Roommate's Dress ; On Sale Claire's Earrings ; Walmart Flip Flops
Bottom Right: Sweet 80's Jacket [sans shoulderpads] [Goodwill Find] ; On Sale Walmart T - $3 ; Cheap Earrings I've had forever
Bottom Left: Striped [pirate] Shirt [Goodwill Find] ; [Way] On Sale Dress Pants from The Limited ; Sweet Glasses from ; Cheap Earrings I've had forever

Gosh, I'm cute sometimes. :) 
Anyway, I don't usually blog about clothes and outfits because I am not [and don't strive to be] a fashion blogger. Those people put a lot of time and effort and energy into finding the perfect look and I admire them for it! I just don't have time, training, or the know-how. Full time job, internship, and full time Masters program don't leave a lot of extra minutes lying around to dedicate to fashion and clothes [though that would be sooo fun, right?]

I just had to take a second to pat myself on the back. I think the most expensive item in any of those outfits was the $15 pair of dress pants [way] on sale from The Limited. Looking cute does NOT have to be expensive. I mean.... That's supposing you think I look cute sometimes. :)

Happy Bargain Hunting!


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  1. I love secondhand shopping. You look great! If you ever travel and see a Savers, it is not a grocery store, but the most awesome secondhand shop ever supporting Big Brothers and Big Sisters. My shabby blog shows some of the things I've scored in my area. :0) Mostly just my addiction to a good deal.

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