Friday's Letters

Dear Friday Morning
, How the heck did you get here so fast? Dear Ralphie, I forgive you for pooping in the bathroom floor multiple times yesterday. That was your one freebie. Don't let it happen again. Dear 4th of July, You were kind of like a whirlwind and I didn't even get to see fireworks. Do over? Dear Polyvore, I think we are going to be great friends. Dear Grad School, You have officially taken a backseat to Polyvore. ps. Why aren't you over yet?? Dear Alcohol, I'm very sorry to say this but you are no good for me. As in, zero good. Nada. None whatsoever. I'm breaking up with you until further notice. Dear Amazing Friends, You are truly blessedly wonderfully awfully terribly couldn't-do-it-with-out-you A-mazing. Sometimes, I think you all like me better than I like me, and I like me an awful lot. Thank you thank you thank you. Phenomenal. Dear Gym, Thank you for your patience with me. We're off to a stuttering start. I needed you yesterday and you were so there for me. #sweatitout Dear Life, You know this is not a soap opera, right? You don't have to keep being so stinking dramatic or using story-telling techniques just to keep things interesting. You are interesting enough without throwing all of these wrenches into plans, k? Let's take it easy.




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  1. Alcohol wanted to let you know it'll be back. I think it's exact words were, "Soon, yes, very soon... Muhahahaha" ??? I have no idea.

  2. i always think breaking up is a little harsh-can't you just have an open relationship, or seperate for a while?

  3. haha I'm always in a rocky state with my gym


    have a good one!