25 in 25

Just stumbled across this adorable little link up.

It is Oh So Totally up my alley. :)

The concept?

Compile 25 things that I promise to do while I'm 25.

I'm something of a notorious list maker but not list doer.

Here's hoping!

25 in 25
1. Take a ride on a motorcycle.

2. Move to the beach!

3. Finish my Masters.

4. Fall in love. [Only if it's right, of course, but I've done it once before and I'd really love to do it again!]

Source: Tiffany and Co. "True Love in Pictures"

5. Live on my own. [no roommates other than Ralph and Giorgio, that is]

6. Ride an elephant. [how stinking cool would that be?!?!]

7. Take a road trip to/through a state I've never been.

8. Begin The Dress Dare.

9. Get my very own bicycle.

10. Get a wax. [yikes. Too much information?? I've never done it but I've been meaning to give it a try....]

11. Attend opening night at the movies. [haven't done that since.... Pirates?]

12. Finally get glamour shots done with my Nana.

13. Finally visit an Amish village with my Papaw.

14. Stick to my handwritten journal and actually fill up an entire diary!

15. Finish all that has been created thus far in the
Grey's Anatomy series. [I'll probably finish this one before summer is over. Who am I kidding?]

16. Subscribe to the newspaper, and then get up each morning with enough time to enjoy my coffee & read it. [this one may be a work in progress. The snooze button is one of my favorite things to tap. ;) ]

17. Knock out another 5 books in the Top 100. [I hope to do more but some of them are long and dry as a bone and I want to be realistic here.]

18. Have something published. [Either a post on a reputable blog or an article in a journal or magazine or a book or something. Time to get serious with that part of my life.]

Source: mediabistro.com via Amanda on Pinterest

19. Double my savings account. [Not too rough, actually, considering I just drained it for my birthday trip to Europe.]  >$4000

20. Own a Keurig. Or a knock off version. Or a knock-off knock off version. 

21. Get a professional massage. [I've been waiting YEARS on this one, even bought a Groupon for one earlier this year but it expired. wompwomp.]

22. Skype with someone.

23. Sew something.

24. Finally fit into my "goal jeans" like I want to. [It's been 3 years coming. The time is now.]

25. Find my way out of the country again. [I know what you're thinking: "Sarah! You just got back from Europe! And you want to get out of the country again?! Twice in one year?? You must be crazy. You have no money. You have to work. It seems impossible!" ...and you would be right. I love attempting the impossible. :) ]

There you have it! My 25 in 25! Guess I better get busy, huh? Seeing as I'm already two months in. That's [uh oh, math problem].... 2.5 things per month until May! Wowzer!

What would YOU do before your next birthday? 

Happy Adventuring!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. This is super awesome! I loved reading your 25. Waxing isn't too painful, I do it myself when I'm not lazy. The roll-on, microwave deal is really easy, but it is definitely worth paying someone else to do. I'd totally Skype with you. It was worth bringing a netbook to Europe to Skype with friends and show off your hotel. :0) You'll definitely get published. Best wishes for a wonderful Friday and weekend!

  2. Well, thank you my friend. :) I will definitely keep you posted on how these things go. And I am not sure I am convinced about the waxing thing but hey, YouOnlyLiveOnce, right?

  3. I would really like to journal more too. Other than blogging, cuz that's a pretty great journal. Oh, if there were more time in one day to do all the things my heart desires :)