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I can't even express the amount of awesome in my life right now. I know I keep saying that, and I almost feel like I'm going to jinx it but it's been so long since life has felt this good.
/le sigh

Let's talk this weekend, shall we?

Friday - Miranda Lambert in Concert @ Klipsch Music Center

Aaaah! She was amazing! We were super late getting there, and the first act had already begun performing when we got through concert traffic and finally parked. We enjoyed a few cold beverages at the car. A Bud Light girl, I had no idea the bottles I chose at Kroger were not twist-off until I couldn't get the darn things opened. Fortunately, we made friends with a group of people near us and they opened our bottles with a lighter! It was pretty cool. Since we didn't want to have to keep bugging them, we just brought them all of our bottles at once. This picture is a result of our forward-thinking-skills. →

Work on Saturday morning was not nearly as tough as you might think, since we started chugging water and I gobbled a turkey sandwich and some BBQ chips in the car. Finally becoming a bit of a pro at this sort of thing, I suppose.

A result of all the end-of-concert-water-chugging was me, driving on the interstate ... well, sitting and inching along on the interstate for 45 minutes with the next exit in sight, seriously [seriously] having to pee. Being the b.a. rock star that I am, I may have pulled over onto the shoulder, peed in a cup, and had Monica empty it in the grass before calmly reentering the flow of traffic and getting us home. It was epic. And intense. An unforgettable moment in time. My grandkids will probably hear this story some day.

Saturday Night - Girls' Night Out / Reunion @ Broad Ripple Village

We haven't had a real, good girls' night in ages. We all wore our pretty little dresses and looked super hot. Poor little BRipp didn't stand a chance. :)

Emily, Leslie, Monica, and I

We somehow met up with a whole group of friends that I hardly ever see anymore, and we proceeded to have a blast. Well, I may have had a bit more of a blast than the others. [oopsy daisies] As you can see from the pic, climbing in and out of taxis was a dangerous game for me. As was keep my pjs in place when we all got back to my apartment at the end of the night [not quite as skanky as it sounds. promise] We piled people on couches, on the floor, and in my bed and called it a good time. So many stories, very few of them blog-appropriate. [call me if you'd like the inside scoop. trust me. worth it]

Sunday - Day of Rest @ Allisonville Christian Church, The Pool, and FroYo

Thank goodness for an 11:30a service. I love this church. The people are so welcoming and friendly and genuine. The messages are thought provoking and well-constructed. The music is familiar and fun. I just like it. Anyway, Monica and I went to church, hit Jimmy John's for lunch, and then chillaxed at the pool for the rest of the afternoon. Talk about gloriously glorious.

After the pool, we needed a refreshing cool down and stopped at the perfect place for such a thing, FroYo! Deeeelicious. :)

Now, I'm home alone and I'm loving it. I've got a little paper to write and some laundry to do, and then let's plan on hitting the hay super early, shall we? I'm talking 9p. 

Tomorrow is a big day too! I'll be working with my first ever golf outing for Brooke's Place, one of the events that I may help do some prelim planning with for next year. I'm not a golfer, and I've never been to a golf outing, and I'm really excited! 

I'll try to stop going on and on about how incredibly wonderful this summer has been so far. I really will. But I have to tell you, it is just amazing how wonderful a person can feel. I guess you don't even realize that you haven't felt wonderful in a long time until you do start to experience it again and BAM! you never come back from that. :)

Over and Out,

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