Presents and Presence

The Canal, Downtown Indianapolis

What an absolutely gorgeous day! I have the very best friends and three lovely ladies joined me as teammates in Walking for Dreams this year! A big thank you to Emily, Monica, and Shelley for coming out today! It was so much fun. Monica had never even been down to the Canal before. Inconceivable. 

"Serving Fine Food for over 50 Years"

For lunch, Emily, Monica, and I shared our very first experience at the Indianapolis staple, Mug-n-Bun! So incredibly scrumptious. I had the Mug-n-Bun special, which is a cheeseburger on toast with bacon, washing it down with some of their handcrafted root beer. Talk about heavenly. :)

I hadn't seen Monica since well before my trip and today, I had the pleasure of her company and her presents! She met me at my place before the Walk and we caught up a bit. Firstly, she brought Fifty Shades of Grey. I have absolutely no clue what it's about [so don't tell me! no spoilers please!] but I've been hearing rave reviews and I'm pumped to read it! 

Then, I opened my birthday card.


You'll never believe what she got me for my birthday -- she's taking me to see Miranda Lambert in concert!! Ahhhhh! I LOVE Miranda Lambert! I love concerts. I love country music and beer and blue jean miniskirts. Oh, it's just going to be fabulous. //sigh

Celebrating with my family for my brother's graduation and the Walk today and finding out about the concert and knowing I start my internship tomorrow... well, let's just say I'm sitting pretty this Sunday evening. Sometimes, life is just so magically delicious. ♥

Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes


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