Living the Life - June Edition

Day 2 of healthy living has been a great success! Well, that's if you don't count the enchiladas and giant margarita I had for dinner. Let's review the past week, shall we?

Monday I enjoyed my first golf outing, courtesy of my internship with Brooke's Place! Plum Creek Golf Course is beautiful!

Tuesday I checked out Em Snapp's event about world hunger, and tasted raw foods, and promptly enjoyed every bite of non-raw pizza that she prepared for me afterwards. I finally met the fam! She and I have taken our relationship to the next level. Now, if only one or the other or [most obvious] both of us liked girls like that.... /le sigh

was the Board of Governors Luncheon at the Riley Museum Home. Tons of good food and swanky people. Always a good time!


I wanted to fit in, so I rocked a swanky up-do myself that day! 

This is my favorite [super easy] fish-tail-tucked-under-and-pinned look that I rock on special occasions. This one always gets a compliment! Give it a try, especially if you have longer/thicker hair. As always, I want to see it if you do! Pics, please. :)

Thursday I met with Papa Joe! I haven't seen him much since he started in his new position with Ronald McDonald House but it's always a pleasure! We tried Ball and Biscuit, a first for both of us, and caught up with life, coworkers, philosophy, the universe, and everything! One of my all time faves!

Friday was Girls' Night In, for me anyway. Chelsey Lou Who just got home from a three week training session in Pittsburgh and I missed the little nugget. I think she may have found her way out on the town after I left, but I was safely snuggled up in my comfy bed by then.


Saturday I made a comeback at Duck Pin Bowling! Okay, not really. I'm so terrible. But it was fun!

Saturday night, we ended up back out in BRipp. [surprise surprise] Chelsey, Amy, and I, that is. It was so hot everywhere! And, now that you've seen my schedule, you can probably guess that I was exhausted. I'm a trooper though. I promised I'd go, and go I did. We had a good time! I cabbed it home at 3am....

and slept until 2pm today. Glorious.

This afternoon, I met up with a girlfriend I haven't seen in ages at La Fiesta and enjoyed enchiladas, margaritas, and tons of catching up! So good to see her before she heads off to month-long rotations, in Chicago and Nashville respectively.

Tonight, I have clean sheets and no-bake cookies cooling and I got new patio furniture and the cutest little lights! I wanted to get out there and try to fix up the patio tonight [it's a jungle out there] but it may be too dark now. .... Who knows? I'm feeling peppy. As soon as I quit procrastinating with this blog post and actually respond to my forums for class, then I'm free!

Tomorrow, we start it all over again.

Happy Summer Adventures!
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