Like a Hand Out the Window in the Wind

You know what time it is?? Recap time! Woohoo! Yay! Hip hip hooray!
Okay. That's enough.

This week has been [fortunately] a bit slower than the last few.
I finally found my way back into the gym. Let me tell you, it's very very unimpressive, my amount of fitness. I rocked 20 lbs all over those weight machines. The men benching my body weight and completing 400 crunches were surely impressed [slash] are now aware of how easy it would be to mug me since I clearly couldn't fight them off.
Anyway, "To try to be better is to be better," right?
Let's keep swinging away at that one.


Now, this I'm very excited about! I'm knitting! I finally found some bulky yarn and gigantic needles and, I have to tell you, it's quite a bit easier [and more relaxing] this way! New baby boy cousin should have a precious little man blanky by the time he arrives! So excited [and of course I'll post the pattern].


Friday evening, Chelsey invited me over to have a cookout. Turns out she's never actually had  a cookout before. She's attended them, sure, but she had no idea how to fire up the grill, steady the table umbrella, cook the brats, etc. etc. So, I got my man-pants [figuratively] on and handled the situation. I hadn't personally cooked brats on a grill before either but they turned out well! And neither of us threw up, so I guess I cooked them all the way. I was a bit afraid of the potential for food poisoning.

Now, as usually happens when Chelsey and I get together for a "low key night," we ended up in Broad Ripple until 3 am. Yikes! Work on Saturday morning was painful but it worked. Here are a few pics of our BRipp advenutres!

Chelsey.... being Chelsey. ♥
I am not a hat wearer, generally speaking, but
 Chelsey didn't feel like her new one went with her outfit 
so I sported it for the evening. Lots of compliments! 
Maybe I'll become more of a hat wearer in the future....


By Saturday night, I was completely done. Exhausted. Worthless. My little neighbor girls asked me sit out on the step with them and I refused because I needed a nap. That's how you know this was a serious need. I love those little munchkins! I took a three hour nap after work, woke up to watch some LOST and paint my toes, and then went back to bed. Glorious.


Church this morning was fabulous! As was "breakfast" at Cracker Barrel at 4pm. Ha! I'll take biscuits and gravy any time. You know me. Afterwards, I hit up Goodwill. Did you know they have even more savings on Sundays? Amazeballs. I found 2 new additions to add to my Dress Dare wardrobe! I am so incredibly pumped for the Dress Dare. I'm not quite sure how I want to play it yet, but keep an eye out for mentions of it because it's getting pretty exciting up in here!
For $5 a piece, you can't go wrong!
ps. POCKETS! :)


I finally got my life together [read: organized my bedroom] since the old TV ended up in there. Today, I put together a hat rack, a TV stand, and hooked up the necessary A/V equipment. I sorted through old cords and found the plug-in for my iPod holder/alarm clock! I have a feeling it will be A LOT easier to wake up in the morning with Nikki Minaj "Super Bass"-ing me into to awareness. I feel accomplished after this day. Quite a bit done, actually.


So, there you have it friends, my week in a nutshell. The incorporation of a smartypants phone has really made this a lot easier, I must say.

Tomorrow, I'm having dinner with the long-lost-Lindsey! And Tuesday, I'm taking some much needed PTO to go hang with the fam in BC. /ahhhh

Unrelated Side Note:
The amount of time I spend coming up with the perfect post title sometimes is slightly ludicrous. For example, this post has been nameless for the last 15 minutes and I'm still drawing a blank. Ugh. I'm sure it will ultimately be clever, obscure, and classicly piquette-y.

Goodnight, kittens! Hope all had a fabulous first few days of Summer! Keep plugging along. Keep chugging water [this heat is ridiculous, if slightly fabulous for those with a beachy constitution].

Ever and Always Yours,

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

Sarah, aka "Plucky", blogs on the reg, unless she's on vacation or there's a Pretty Little Liars marathon or she's mulling over the implications of the phrase "on fleek." She can't live without iced coffee, a portable phone charger, or equal pay. Say hello!

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