I'm no expert but... [iv]

... the simplest way to forget about your troubles is to show some interest in someone else, and I don't necessarily mean in their troubles. Just them. You know that warm glow you feel when someone raves about the dish you brought to a pitch in? Or when a stranger stops you on the sidewalk to tell you how much they love the shirt/dress/hat/shoes/etc. you're wearing? We all need to be noticed sometimes. Going around trying to get noticed is sure to backfire, but noticing others is easy and fun and heartwarming and is a sure-fire way to pull you out of your funk. 

...being "in love" takes many forms. The romantic option may be the most recognizable, but I think it's safe to say we're all "in love" with lots of things -- movies, projects, friends, locations, subjects. There are things/places/people that we can't get out of our minds or our hearts, that makes us smile when they come to mind, that build us up and keep us sane. I'd consider those to be solidly "in love" characteristics, wouldn't you?

...the people we are now are unrecognizable to the people we were 5 years ago, and I'm guessing that will be true 5 years from now too. 

...being independently wealthy, traveling, reading and writing books, creating beautiful things ← This is the life for me. Now, to figure out how to get there.

...sometimes, popcorn is the only thing to quench your craving, no matter how much fruit you try to consume in its place.

...cheesy radio music speaks directly to the heart.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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