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Dear WebMD
, how many hours can you sleep in a day before it becomes a symptom of a medical condition? Dear June, where the heck did you go? Dear Philip Pullman, I'm about 5 chapters into Book One and I've yet to see what's so great about this trilogy. Step it up, por favor. Dear Everyone on Facebook, Congratulations to each of you for being the most Constitutionally-sound individual in the United States who also enjoys whining about the weather and regaling us with your NBA draft picks. Your mamas are very proud. Dear Poison Ivy, why are you still here?! Is this the Hulk version of the rash or what? Yowzers. Go away, please. Dear Friends Who Are Out Of Town For One Reason Or Another, get your butts back here please! I miss your musk. Dear Beach Houses, I've been looking into my options and you look so promising! I simply cannot wait to be in you! [cue awkward innuendo] Dear Boss, It was so great to see you this week, looking healthy and recovering! I can't believe I hadn't seen you since April when all this medical stuff started. Keep up the good work! Dear Magic Mike, I know those dudes are hot and half-naked but I still don't know if I'll be able to pay to sit through two hours of Channing Tatum's terrible acting. At the very least, maybe I'll wait for Redbox, though let it be known I would definitely fork over the $10 if he were to show up half-naked in person. /sigh

Peace, Love, & Bubblegum,


ps. I almost forgot: Dear Instagram, what the heck is the deal with going public / accessed from the Internet?! Don't you remember that lesson from The Social Network about how things lose the "Cool Factor" when everyone can do it?? Uggggh. 


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