Friday's Letters

Dear Grey's Anatomy
, Thank you for being so accessible on Netflix. You have been an excellent addition to my Summer and I'm sorry I neglected to check you out for so long.  Dear Back Patio, You are looking good, my friend! Now, if you could quit giving me poison ivy every time I step out the back door, I'd appreciate it. Dear Fifty Shades of Grey, I'm very sorry that I didn't like you more. :( Everyone else finds you fabulous, though. If we could maybe NOT advocate controlling, emotionally-stunted, borderline-abusive relationships to the women of the world in the future, that'd be great. Dear Alarm Clock, I dreamed about you going off before you actually went off and then I still managed to snooze until it was time for me to leave for work this morning. I think it's time for us to work on this relationship. If it was more of a pleasure to hear from you, maybe my day would get off to a better start? Dear Coffee, I'm so sorry I haven't had time to consume you yet today. Remember that over-active snooze-button trigger finger? As soon as I publish this post, you better believe it's on, my love. Dear 3rd Day of Summer, you can stay but I'm going to need you to also usher in a summer romance, k? Dear Cutest Swimsuit on the Planet, I can't believe you will actually be mine! Dear Friends Who Live Far Away (Particularly AZ), my travel bug is super duper itchy. How do you feel about a weekend house guest sometime in ... say, August? Dear Summer Boys, Call me, maybe?

Snoozy Sailing,


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